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Just to let you know, we are still here, but at the moment there is not much to show. Work is progressing, we have a few new members who are doing their first steps and we are busy, we just have not much to show yet. So stay tuned. News will come sooner or later. 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Not gone …”

  1. any news from the 1994 mod please?i know it’s summer but we haven’t seen any pics or news from this mod!

  2. yes i know. i have been busy with work since april, so i have not done anything on that mod since then. but now with time on my side again, i will pick up work again.

  3. I’ve been watching some ’94 races and I remembered why I got into F1 in the first place, great cars, great racing. I’m sure CTDP will do justice to it 😀

  4. You see, i’d expect that Senna would be a drivable.. player? But saying that, isn’t that unfair on Villeneuve in the 2006 mod who you left out so that you could have Kubica as a driver? Senna didn’t complete the season just like Villeneuve, so he shouldn’t be drivable?

    But, on a side note, Senna should be playable. By no means am i saying leave him out! Probably lose half the downloads if he wasn’t in it!

  5. It’s not about fairness, for CTDP06 we decided to take the grid as seen as in the last race. For 94 we don’t have that plan, at the moment we plan to release everything like it was in the first race of the season.

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