Looking for 3ds-viewer on OS X

Hey, I have a short personal request. At the moment I only have my Macbook and I’m looking for some 3D-Tools, actually a 3ds-viewer for models and textures to use on Mac OS X 10.4.
I already tried blender, but it didn’t work well, looked horrible and is much to large for my purpose. I tried Google Sketchup, but the axis are inverted and there is a problem with redrawing when working, which messes up the view.
Are there any other slim tools I could try?


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7 thoughts on “Looking for 3ds-viewer on OS X”

  1. I,ve found some more…
    -http://www.strata.com/products/strata_3d_cx_suite/strata_design_3d_cx/( just google…xD)
    -http://vagos.wamba.com/showthread.php?t=312077 (maya8 for mac)
    (maya 2009+tutorial+ you know…all you need..=P)Down the page youll find how to make it work
    There are more…for sure…but…thats all for now…
    And finally, i know this is not totally legal but…you can always buy them on their homepages but hope u have some savings…

  2. Hello, I want to ask.
    You done 2009 mod for rFactor base or You have rFactor II Demo?
    Just interesting…

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