WIP Helmets 09 and call for help…

Another few WIPs. This time I post a few helmet-texture shots. The helmet models will be reused from the F1-2006. Revisions and updates will be done where necessary, for example the Arai-helmet. Usually helmet textures are done “in between”. When a painter is bored, he picks one and does his art. The two textures shown here are done by Shaun ‘Whata’ Stroud. Shaun joined us during the F1-2006 mod and has grown into the team, we wouldn’t want to miss him. Some of his work was the Midland/Spyker-, the Super Aguri- and the Safety-car, along with many of the 2006 helmets. He’ll also be involved with the car textures for F1-2009.

At this point we’d like to issue a call for help. While we are on the topics of helmets, we are in need of a helmet-modeler. Out car-modelers are occupied or have no experience modeling helmets. Helmets are not just spheres with a cut-out for the visor. Modeling the helmets has become quite an art. While the changes for 2009 are manageable. 1994 requires much more helmet work with more limited resources and we are struggling to find somebody to help us out. So if you are a dedicated helmet-modeler, or know somebody we could ask. Tell us here or contact us at dahie at ctdpworld.org

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11 thoughts on “WIP Helmets 09 and call for help…”

  1. I wrote about you call for help in our forum too: maybe it won’t bring anything, but at least I tried to spread the word. 🙂

  2. Hello!

    I would like to ask help. Strictly onto an own usage I converted it single BRAWN GP car. But the nose of the car does not appear in the game on TV cam picture. I don’t know the reason. I see the wheels, the suspension and the first wing, but the nose of the car no.

    I turned to you because you are the best one F1 mod maker team. You know his reason sure. I ask you it in exchange for this to help.


  3. You have to assign the Material “MIRROR” to your mirrors. That’s a strange bug caused by not using a mirror material on the car.

  4. nice helmets guys….i think nobody can expect bad work from you. I’d like to help you, but I am still learning to model in 3ds. I had some experience in zmodeler, but some time ago. Maybe if you guys can give me some little tutorial, maybe in few pictures, just main things to help me learn faster…

    I’ll be glad to help you if you would need it in future.

  5. This post is not “mod-related”, but I think I have to do it: since RSC says it’s afborro’s birthday… well, happy birthday, Alex! ^^

  6. hm, good catch, however in our teamlist he is listed as having is b-day yesterday. Anyway, congrats Alex, whatever day it is. 😀 Hope to see some results soon! 😀 😉

  7. You’re gonna have to do something Alex, I’ve finished the Ferrari shape 🙂
    Happy birthday anyway >D

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