Making of Ferrari F60 Model

Lets take a look at another car for the 2009 mod, which has been in progress so far. For our 2009 mod we could get David ‘Racervieh’ Bennewitz as a new modeller. His first car was Ferrari, which he worked on from January to March. The model is mostly done, will get some updates in the time to come. Racervieh documented his progress really thoroughly, so you can see the progression on the car.

David started in January and was the first in our team to start the car. He also comes from the GP4-community and had a thread describing his progress in more detail.

At the moment, we have several models in progress. At this early stage of the mod, we do not develop for one specific game. The raw-models and textures could be used for any game and it is in later stages, that we actually optimize the data for a specific game. Reports of this being the first mod for rFactor2 are exaggerated. At this point we just work and see what game is available when we are done with the basics. Knowing our speed, rFactor2 might become Β the option of choice.

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12 thoughts on “Making of Ferrari F60 Model”

  1. (CTDP)Dahie said, on Jun 8, 2009: “Expect it to be a lame duck. :D”

    lol noone can say CTDP aint realistic then! rofl!! πŸ˜€

  2. “Knowing our speed, rFactor2 might become the option of choice.”

    well…good said, but i hope it will be done for rFactor too….

  3. We all hope to see it on rF2: it would be a pity not to express the full potential of this beautiful model! πŸ˜‰

  4. Well I got CTDP05 for GTR Evolution as well lol, so anything’s possible I guess, as long as CTDP is happy with it. πŸ™‚

  5. Cars are aimed at rF2 only for the 2009 project, of course some cars may appear in other games I don’t know as David said, but as far as the CTDP 2009 project is concerned, it is not planned for rF1 by anyone in our group.

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