WIP McLaren 09

This car was actually started, before we decided to beginn the mod. Zunic ‘Spoony’ Bekir was already working on the car and showing WIPs, which looked very promising. So we invited him to join us and he agreed. At the moment he is working on the BrawnGP.

Those previews were made in the first week of may. You can more details about the model in the development thread at GrandPrixGames.com

Disclaimer: Please note, that the shots are a couple of weeks old, since then the models have been updated and to the Australia-configuration. Therefore, these WIPs can have inconsistancies.

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19 thoughts on “WIP McLaren 09”

  1. Great job cant wait for the next shots. But there also some other guys that will bring out there cars earlier. There is a new guy who works now for WCP and his BMW looks promising at the moment.

  2. Let the tease begin!!! πŸ˜€
    Thanks for sharing: we will follow your updates as always. And many compliments to Zunic: I think he joined the best team. πŸ˜‰

  3. Considering that Gjon said that in rF2 there should be real time reflections, I’m really curious to see how this car will look like with that chrome livery!

  4. Good to know you guys started working on this mod πŸ˜€ Hope CTDP’s F1 2009 mod + rFactor 2 will bet an alternative for the ppl that will not be too happy about the Codemaster’s arcade F1 game. Hope u guys will manage to finish it until the end of next year (I don’t expect it earlier). BTW when rF2 will be out?

  5. for the ferrari f60 you can ask dutch can tohelp you.he is working on the ferrari.by the way very nice model

  6. @ktg
    David (Racervieh) is already working on a F60.
    Screenshots will be published soon.

    Pop me a window tonight on MSN. I might have an surprise for you πŸ˜‰

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