Time of a season

The guys of CTDP aren’t robots. This is unfortunate, because I could force them to work harder, longer, better and if anyone would get paid, I could cut their salary. Anyway, The guys of CTDP are humanshave some human traits. For example, every year in the months of April and May, the chats get empty and the forums are dead. The reason is quite hard to understand, but I try to elaborate.

I actually tried and had to see for myself. I did the following: I stood up from the comfy chair I’m working in. I went to one of the walls, this one was specifically prepared in a way, that there is sort of a hole in a wall, stuffed with a glas-surface. I was pretty amazed seeing, you can not only look through it, but this one can be opened. Outside it is … the opposite of dark. A warm, breeze of fresh air got into the room. It felt great! I held my head out of the hole in the wall and I could see all this amazing stuff. Trees wore green, skies wore blue and women wore less. I jumped out of the window and went to the next park, lied in the gras and remained there for weeks.

Ladies and Gentlemen the CTDP has been infected with a case of Spring. I hope this is not permanent and that soon they get fed up with sun and cocktails and get back cracking. Untill then I will prepare a few articles about some of the work we have done up until now and show some WIPs we have been holding back, because we knew, we might need some filler one day. πŸ™‚

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  1. Hm, holes in walls? Never heard of it. The place I’m working doesn’t have such a thing… πŸ™‚

  2. That’s the reason why everything’s been so quite in the past weeks, then. πŸ˜€
    But it’s not a surprise: it’s good to spend time somewhere else than in front of a pc!
    By the way, if you miss your work, feel free to come to Italy for the weekend: it seems it will rain, as the sky has just become cloudy outside my window!!! πŸ˜†

  3. I lived in north italy a year ago. Had a nice time there! This year I recently moved to Luxembourg to work here for 4 months. I got the bad weather right here already. πŸ˜€

  4. It’s not that quite but I am keepng quiet πŸ˜‰ currently enjoying modeling and animating pitcrews, anything to do with animations is my joy at the moment. While there is some slow progress with cars being made for 2009. Currently I am concentrating on some things I wont have time for when the time comes to focus on the 2009 cars getting them ingame.

    One thing I hope to have and see is fully animated pitcrews in rF2, for which I have a character almost done, may be if rF2 allows flag marshalls too. The max biped can do anything so really what it wil come down to what rF2 will support in that area, but for pitcrews where sevaral guys workign on a car can be quite resource heavy, the thing was to make a nice enough character of sufficiently low poly count to keep it reasonable.

    Since yersterday been working on modelling a face, when it is texured I’ll do a few shots, perhaps an animation video to get an idea what it might come out like ingame πŸ˜€

  5. Do you think we will be able to drive over the feet of pit crew guys? Will we see fire in the pitlane or the fuel hose attached to the car when leaving pits too early? πŸ™‚

  6. Being my first comment here, must i say Hello! to all.
    Talking about nice weather, i got a deserved case of sunburn today. While picking the fruits of my labour, literally speaking ;P Hoping an overdose of strawberries will make the pain go away, i was about to say something, in reply to (CTDP)afborro or any other willing to answer my question. Is this 09’season planned for rF2? Not that i’m impatient, but it might come as good for a promising NΒ°2 Factor as well.
    Anyway, i’d like to thank you guys and wish you all the best

  7. Well let me just say this. I was playing the f1rl09 mod, and then found out how foolish of me that was. Here I have the great CTDP06 mod and I am playing that?!? So I uninstalled that and am now playing CTDP06. And only that coz I did an uninstall, then reinstall of rFactor. Of course I reinstalled your wonderful Bahrain as well, and other tracks. Yea I am back to enjoying a great quality mod again, as it should always have been, thanks so much CTDP! I guess one must try a lesser mod now and then to apreciate greatness huh? πŸ˜€

  8. Well, what Alex wrote is for sure interesting: maybe you should send ISI a request so that they can satisfy your (and our) dreams. Having someone who waves a flag is quite different (and better!) than just an icon on the top of the screen! πŸ˜€

  9. I contacted ISI yesterday to ask wat would be supported, for example, to have a green or yellow flag marshall there needs to be something in the engine to trigger such an animation, apart form that the animation can be done, but I have no answer on that yet as to what triggers will be defined and what is or isn’t possible, so we’ll see πŸ™‚ but I doubt we’ll be able to replicate Massa’s fuel hose stuck to the car in the pitlane πŸ˜€

    @CapitanulHaos, 2009 is for rf2.

  10. @afborro: well, I don’t try to insist on the stucking fuel hose, especially because I’m driving Massa’s Ferrari most of the time (only in rF, of course). πŸ™‚

  11. lol it’s kind of mad all this is. I mean how about you guys make CTDP09 for GP4? Even after 8 years that game still is the most complete pc F1 sim that exsists, amazing! Will rF2 even match it? lol

  12. GP4 is uncomfortable to mod. Certainly it’s possible to do a lot of things, but with alot more limitations and enerving compromises. Hey, did the carlength in GP4 finally catch up with the real length? πŸ˜‰
    Imho, rFactor is no less complete than GP4. Both miss certain rules of todays F1 and have to compromise. The difference is that GP4 simulates a much different handling, which I actually like a bit better.
    I can only say, if people want to bring our material to GP4, we are fine with it, just speak with us.

  13. Well I aint no modder so no worries there lol. Yes I know people hate GP4 non phyics, but since I’m a gripaholic, it sure suits me fine πŸ˜€ But yea rF2 it is of course, but I just hope rF2 delivers!

  14. Yea just want to say I installed CTDP05 the other night, and even though I said it seemed a more polished mod than CTDP06, I think I said that coz I posted some great high res pics in the past of that mod at F1Gamers, and so maybe that’s what I meant lol. But heck CTDP06 has so much more depth! Skins, upgrades etc. CTDP06 is “The mod” so yea thanks for them both, well done and be proud! I love hearing the great V10 engines in the 05 mod as well. And I get nostalgia. πŸ˜€

  15. A little question to CTDP! Is there another patch foreseen for CTDP2006?
    Thanks in advance,

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