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After the 3 days detour for a 1994 mod of a different kind, the work will continue on the actual CTDP94 mod. The status is, that 2 cars are done. Yeah! Done as in, the model and the textures won’t be touched again untill it is ingame. Marco and I are in the process of steadily working through the cars. I check the textures we got from our painters, add noise and dirt, prepare the alterations for the second driver, cleanup and make the look consistent. If necessary I beg Marco to do some last minor changes, but often enough, he finds new things himself.

It could be so easy, if the world was a water fall, we would just work step by step and be done in a months. Modding doesn’t work like this. Does actually anything work like this? Waterfall concept describes, that you work on something step by step and you never go back to a previous step to change something. This doesn’t work for us. It is very annoying to find bugs in the last moment, which would require rework earlier on the texture, remapping or even remodelling. To avoid this, we take this long time to review the material we got and try to make it as right as possible, even if it means to to the third iterations of Benetton.

This was one of the things that caught us on the 2006 mod. Late additions, that required changes to earlier working steps. We learned so much during the creation of the mod, that it was quite a task to keep all cars on the same quality level, which is important for a consistent mod. I think for 1994 we are prepared not to get caught up again. Once the first batch of cars is ingame, we will see. 🙂

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  1. sorry but after 6 years of work only two cars are done? if it is taking so long to complete two cars how long will it take to complete the whole mod?

  2. Even that season 1994 was them most sad season for me, because Ayrton Senna da Silva was the reason I started watching F1 (I’m 28 years old and for me the late 80’s are the golden years of F1), I eagerly await the release of this mod. Take your time guys and do a great job like you did with the 2006 season. I always enjoyed more historical, good quality mods and hope this one to be on my favorite list together with GP 79 mod. If not for the unfortunate tragedy at Imola, this could’ve been an epic fight between Ayrton and Michael for the crown…
    PS: ktg don’t be rude, just think this guys take a lot of their precious free time to do this. And btw how many good quality things are free this days?

  3. yes i read the last 2 month of the blog but i thought that you had only textures and some updates on the models.i didn’t know that you have to make the car from scratch.answer to me please if i am wrong

  4. @ktg
    It’s not that we are doing all cars from scratch but it is a lot to do when you want to raise the quality, at the moment we increasing the texturesize to 2048² so we just mark a car as “ready” when this is done + the car is ingame. Some cars need more work than “just new textures” so we wait to get them ingame until this work is completed, if not we might have to do things twice.
    As you may have read we have slit the team so we are working hard on 1994 but to be honest: the weather is getting better 😉

  5. McLaren, Benetton, Ligier and the texture of Pacific, although the airbox gets a last small facelift. Williams is awaiting the final touches and the final texture, Tyrrell and Simtek will be next with some updates.

  6. The waterfall concept is a time consuming process and it is to be appreciated. I’m just wondering if it is worth splitting the mod in two parts perhaps, with half the cars released quality is maintained and we can enjoy your work sooner while still anticipating the mod’s completion.

  7. You would end up with 2 mods, because the quality of both would be slightly different. After all, everything in a mod is in relation to each other, so it’s hard to seperate everything cleanly. I think what we do right now, let one half work on the 1994 and one half on 2009, is quite ok.
    Also for half the people “their” teams wouldn’t be included in the 1/2mod and they’d be verbal about it. 😉

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