Update your setups to F1 2006 1.1

With the new patch come several updates to the physics which require changes in your setup. I asked Michael to shed some light on how to approach this changes.

Well, I’m not sure about what setup changes are required entirely. The default setup seems to work okay, obviously performance is not optimized entirely though.
For setups that were optimized, there are a few things you need to change in your setup. Ideal tyre pressures will now be 3-4kpa higher than before. For example, if you were running 109kpa front and 102kpa rear @ Monaco, you should feel comfortable with 112-113kpa front and 105kpa rear. @ Barcelona, maybe optimums were around 120kpa front and 111kpa rear, with the revised physics you’ll be looking around 124kpa front and 114-115kpa rear.
Engine boost maps have changed so you’ll need to run about 6 boost for the race, with boost level 1 for qualifying.
The new traction control allows more slippage but can also cut more engine power than before. This might mean you want to tighten up the rear of the car a little bit more. You may also want to consider changing your “TC upgrade” level.

Some teams like Super Aguri and Toyota have suspension revisions, you’ll probably need to alter suspension setup slightly to compensate for balance issues.

Tyre choices are likely to change and your selections will need to be revised. Operating temperature should still remain key to your tyre choices.

Larger brake ducts increase cooling slightly, you may be able to get away with a slightly lower duct setting, keep in mind you should always try to keep brake temperatures below a peak of 1050C where possible to avoid excessive wear.

Otherwise, physics changes have not been major, so if you were happy with an old setup, it should not be affected too badly.

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7 thoughts on “Update your setups to F1 2006 1.1”

  1. Maybe this is not the place to tell, but, I read the manual, and I don’t find anything to help me in this, as matter of fact, before the patch, I ran in different tracks as Hermanos Rodriguez and Essington, with autoshifting, with no problem, but after install the patch, this feature don’t work, I checked in Hungary and Brazil and works well, but in the non F1 tracks, the autoshifting don’t work, any help will be appreciated…

  2. I’m driving the Redbull car.
    My RPM lights (green yellow red) on my steering wheel (in game) no longer match the RPM of the engine. The RPM lights barely go yellow before I am at max RPMs and have to shift. Going down the long straight in china, I’m doing 308 km/hr and not a single RPM light is on.
    They were working perfectly prior to the patch.

  3. Hi, thanks for this great work (again ^_^)…

    For me, the steering wheel angle, and brake power seems to have changed, with my old settings for the version 1.0.
    On Suzuka 2008, with old setting, i’ve got actually 100% brake power.
    I don’t think i would have set a such valor before.
    This change could be due to the new 1.1 version?

    Could someone confirm?

  4. Yes afborro, I read the faq one day later I asked, jeje, thank you… Now just trying improve my personal times at Interlagos 🙂 All cars look stunning!!!

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