Personally I see it this way, on release day everybody wants to have it and have it asap. Everybody means between 350-500 people at any given moment for 2-3 days, who expect to download with at least 300kpbs. On a mod our size, the download takes quite a few moments, so you can calculate what kind of load is put on the download servers. (1.2 TB since monday night!)
We underestimated this in the past and therefore decided a torrent-only release. The release was boring, because it just worked perfectly! No outages, no exploding servers, very few people who are desperately looking for download mirrors to catch the mod. In my opinion the torrent-only release is a big success and we will proceed this way on future mod-releases. We already thought about it for the initial release of CTDP06, but with 11 mirrors we were sure, this couldn’t bring us down. You know the story, we were proven wrong and I couldn’t imagine any release without torrents. This one is a quiet release. We released the files out of the blue and so the tracker took off gently in the night from monday to tuesday. Imagine an announced release, the numbers of concurrent users would be off the scale.

At this point I’d like to thank all of you who were or still are seeding. Everyone keeping his programm open and helping to distribute is part of this release and helped to make it as flawless as it was. Thank you!

However few people have been about quite verbal about their dislike of the fact, that we didn’t add any webservers.
At first let me tell you, that HTTP-mirros will be in place once the storm is over. We are monitoring the statistics and when the speed of the torrent is dropping, we will add the mirros to the download list. In this case you just have to wait. Yep I said it “wait”. I think it is quite arrogant to expect to ask for webservers at this point. For once, they would just break-down under the load anyway and cause trouble for their hosts (I know the last release had at least 2 consequences) and actually costs alot of money!
Secondly, the nice thing about a torrent-release is a fairness-aspect. When you download, you help to spread the file by uploading at the same time. The moment you download via torrent, you become part of the network and you help to improve it. Especially once you start seeding, you are not just downloading for your own personal interest, but you help others to get the mod as quick as you want it to have. I read several reasons why people didn’t want to try torrents. From “I’m too old” to “they spread viruses” I heard the most stupid excuses. Sorry, torrents are a great technology, and we provided a small headstart if you have never used it before. Expecting webserver-mirrors is arrogant, because you only want the download for yourself, you put stress on the server and fight for every bit of bandwidth. The smart one is, who has the patience to wait a few days. I don’t expect everyone to download via torrent, but I think it pathetic to cry about not getting the mod immediately, when they don’t want to fullfill their end of the burgain. How selfish is that?

This is why I ignore requests for other download mirrors. They will be set up later. Until then, happy bittorrenting. πŸ™‚

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  1. well, i am not complaining or anything, if i was to say something, this would be a big “thank you”! i just wanted to say that i don’t use torrents because the uploads reduce my connection speed significantly, to the point that it is impossible to play online at the same time (i know, you just don’t) and that even the simple google page takes a min to load. other than that, if there is a rapidshare i don’t mind spending 2-3 days downloading, or just resetting my IP address and get everything much faster than torrents.

  2. In every even half good torrent-client you can set a max. upload-speed, so that it wont influence your online-game-performance. Anyway some people out there need to understand that it can cause a lot of trouble for hosters when they crash down their server. Torrent + filehosters are a way to avoid servercrashes, if someone has to change his wonts it’s ok for us. Next point is that someone has to pay the traffic you create when downloading something, I guess you agree when I say that’s unfair. Why should someone (who already uses his freetime to create something) pay so that you can download a bit faster?!

  3. I bet 100€uros immediately that the torrent is much faster then rapidshare !
    We have about 1 gbit overall speed if needed ~roughly.
    you can limit your upload bandwith to 10 kb/sec without any problems.

    this torrens with 60-90 seeders right now is faster than every webserver could be.
    i can get about 5mb/sec with torrent right now.

    you cannot compare our torrent with webseeders in it with any illegal release from movies or music, and thousand of leechers.

    try it, i bet you will maximize out your connection.

  4. OK, i already downloaded it and installed it (350+kb/s from rapidshare, not bad), but thanks anyway, next time πŸ™‚

  5. CoDan, i understand what you are talking about. in my case reducing the upload speed doesn’t help much, i need to get that new router. about http server crashing, if you upload it 1 week after the release i don’t think there will be such problem. but anyway, you do as you please, no problem here.

  6. I have already reached a 2.0 ratio and I plan to keep the torrent seeding even in the next days: it’s great to see that at least someone tries to use all the opportunities that internet offers us.
    I just have a 45 KB/s upload (yes, in this moment I definitely hate Gonzo πŸ˜€ JK), but I try to do my best in order to help other people to download the mod.

    Few minutes ago FsOne 2008 was released and the first thing I looked for was a torrent: when at first I only saw RapidShare links I was expecting a loooong way before the download would be finished, while with a torrent it would have been painless.
    Luckily, they also added links to the full version, but that’s a different story. πŸ™‚

  7. What a story for just a torrent link which is by the way much faster than any other file hosters! πŸ˜‰

  8. As for me, I just got all 4 parts from rapidshare, then with 7z program, I just added the parts together, then extracted the exe file from them. All too easy! Thahks guys! πŸ˜€

  9. “To download the patch, please enter the solution to this quadratic hyperbolic integral. you have 10 seconds….9…..8….”

  10. Lol funny that people in here are talking about downloading speeds like “1,3 gb less than 7 minutes.”

    Id really like to get this update, but since some time my incredible 3G mobile “connection” (more like lack of it) is partly working only with speed of 5,7kb/s (according to different speed tests).

    I guess those 3d arms will be done before I have downloaded this one.. lol πŸ™‚

  11. @X3me_Racer
    What we do is a hobby, you can wait or not.

    Maybe you should think about downloading the patch-version. I guess you already have 1.0 installed.

  12. @(CTDP)CoDan
    Yeah patch version sounds like a good idea, if my grahics card just wouldnt be broken.. Seems like I dont have any hurry with this anymore.

    lol I love technology! :/

  13. let me ask something irrelevant.have you started a f1 2009 mod?will you be able to simulate the KERS system?

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