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  1. Just a little question, in order to take away any doubts (as the announcement does not clearly state it): can we expect 2009 directly on rF2 or is it a decision that you still have to take?
    After that, I’ll try not to ask any other questions for a while, I promise. 😀

  2. So umm ugly F1 cars have to be the first CTDP mod for rF2 huh? That’s sad. And coz you guys are so detailed in your work, the cars will surely look as ugly in rF2 as they do in real life! Sadly lol..

  3. Don’t need to remind me 🙂 I’ve been working on a car for a league in prep for 2009, and I must admit I struggled, how can I make this car look pretty with the current regulations, it really came home to me they are simply just not as nice looking as in previous seasons, but still, I like them.

    That said, I personally thought the cars from around 2005 onwards, up to and including 2008 looked the best, closely followed by th 2000- 2004 era, followed by mid 1990s to 2000 era, pretty much in chronological order. I never was a big fan of of the pre 90s era simple box shapes, unless we go right back to the cars that had no wings.

    Some poeple will probably think I am mad wih that view, but what is aesthetic and what isn’t, a very subjective topic in the end of the day.

    In current times, I think the 2009 renault is a good definiton for the word ugly, kind of shame, as I always liked their cars.

    but all that wont stop us making a mod 🙂

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