Doing their homework …

Working on old F1 seasons sometimes brings interesting details to the surface. We are close to finishing the Pacfic-car. Today, Marco learned, that Pacific never finished any GP in 1994. Mediocre and tried to identify a few track-versions and came to the conclusion, that the team had a pitstop during the Monaco race just to change a few logos on the sidepod.The track-versions for Simtek will be a horror, because there have been logo changes on every GP. We haven’t deciphered everything yet, so I can’t say if we decide to limit it to a few crucial changes. Let’s not get carried away here. 🙂

Update: one day later

During research I found this museums-car. There are 2 persons here, who didn’t do their homework: The one who claims this is a Williams and the one who thought that painting a 1992(?) Benetton with the 1995 colors (in a bad way) would be enough to sell it as the champions-car.

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