Music, the great recipee for taking a break from all your troubles

Ok first the real news: Soundtrack of CTDP 2006 is released

Lars did all the music in the mod and put them all in a cool netrelease. We didn’t include all of them in the release of the mod, more will be included with the path 1.1. So if you want to hear them all here. I really like, that he put it under Creative Commons-license, so feel free to remix. 😉

On other news. Well there is not much.
Of course, right before the release of CTDP06 and the imidiate weeks afterwards had alot to talk and write about. In January for many of us real life kicked back in, for me in way of exam weeks and now my Bachelor thesis. Alex has been working alot on the patch. I’m not sure how much there is to do yet, obviously it will need some testing before it gets released. Looking at the changelog, it’ll deserve the term “patch” 🙂

Marco, Mediocre work on 1994, but you know, since they posted here before. Andy while taking a small detour from modding formula-cars and working on a fantasy touring-car project and on the new Bahrain-version. There our biggest bottleneck is the lack of more trackmodders. Our call for help with the AIW wasn’t really successfull, so work is a bit slow. Another bottleneck being, that we lack a good helmet-modeller. Our helmets for 1994 need more attention and while Marco is doing his best, somebody who knows what he is doing would be very helpfull right now.

So much for today, I go back to catching up with work and life and listen to some music.

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8 thoughts on “Music, the great recipee for taking a break from all your troubles”

  1. Great idea with a soundtrack! Unfortunately I’m not in to electronic music, so next time please make a metal soundtrack and call it Martin – DK Edition 😀 Or just something else than just electronic 🙂

    I would like some more news on the 94 mod and the Monaco track?

  2. I begged Lars for nearly 2 years to produce some rock tunes, but time constraints prohibited that. At the end kept the electronic, making CTDP05 with the rock-track, 2006 with electro and CTDP04 with 90s bastard-mainstream-brit-pop-girlie-boyband-techno-mix. 🙂

  3. Hey hey hey… Daniel… I liked the music you included with CTDP 2004 for F1 C. It was Right Here, Right Now with Fat Boy Slim or are my memories completely wrong?

    I’ve only heard your new soundtrack once… I have to say there were about 2 or 3 tracks specially 300R was a bit addictive 🙂 But I would prefer some banger hip hop beats though 🙂

    I think there was a nice track included in the rF 2005 CTDP mod as well, but I’ve forgotten what the name of it was…

  4. CTDP05rf had the Song “Soc’ me I’m famous” by Michael Renk. I found it in the compilation “Back to…?” on and may very first thought was, that this has to be our background music. The music used in the trailer/intro 2005 is by the German-band Colt, which explicitely allowed us to use their music.
    I don’t remember the music we used in CTDP04. However, since 2005rf we agreed to only use non-commercial, unlicensed or create-commons music for menus or videos. Figured, the legal sitution with modding is alot of grey at best, we don’t have to break copyright laws by using licensed music on top of that.

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