19 thoughts on “Sometimes in a boring online game”

  1. It’s quite funny (or probably I should say sad?) to think about all the time we talk about permission issues on forums and then we see big companies “stealing” other people work: probably they do think that our sims are just the usual arcade games you see elsewhere and don’t deserve attention

  2. Need to remember, we do not ask these F1 teams for permission in first place to replicate there vehicles and release them to public. So it goes both ways really.

    But yeh.. kinda funny 😀

  3. Oh god … I did played this boring mini game, no wonder I find that it is so familiar … ‘Good’ work shell >.<

  4. That wouldnt do anything, shell would just ask you why you use there shell logo on your cars in first place 😉

  5. Why it’s not hurting anyone? Ok, I don’t want to be associated with money-thirsty oil-company with blood on their hands and despite that it’s an offendingly boring game.

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