CTDP 2006 V1.1 patch progress

I am back in full swing after an extended Xmas vacation.  We have had many reports about things from various forums, some of these things we fix.  In some cases  we’ve ignored  requests if they are not deemed serious enough, or they are simply too much work at this stage, that is mainly things like an extra or new feature.

In spite of that a substantial amount of work has already been put into the patch.  For sure we hope that we will have addressed ALL the serious issues in the new version, with a few more minor things and extra requests thrown in as well. 

I hope to see this patch close to finalisation at the end of next week ready for packaging. I still have to check with some of our physics guys how much there is to do, so it is an approximate figure, but for sure we are not talking months but weeks/days.

We now all have other things to work as well, so ultimately we have to draw the line on CTDP 2006  mod, that was such a joy, but at some point we have to say “END IT”  Hopefully that will be the 1.1 patch.  A v1.2 would only address anything that was overlooked in 1.1, or gone seriously wrong  i.e. mistakes that are “crtitical” but hopefully a 1.2 will not be needed.

I made the 3D arms addon too, so that will be ready around the same time as this patch. I have send them to one external tester to try out already, he reported no bugs in an earlier version I sent. so that addon will be delivered too.

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53 thoughts on “CTDP 2006 V1.1 patch progress”

  1. Physics for tyres are stil being tested. We are close however to freezing everything, I am not going to qualify “close” exactly, except to say somewhere near the start of the new season. Sorry for the delays 🙂

  2. I’ve just tried ur new mod, and played it w/o all aids. It’s just incredible! Thx for your great work. 🙂 Keep it up!

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