xerry m.mas

Right untill the last minute we worked on some stuff.Alex is working on bugfixes for a patch of F1 2006, that will be released next year. Speed is refining some of the physics settings, nothing major (I hope 8)). Andy works on one of our tracks and makes good progress as well. I did some work on the track-artworks in the last few days, actually debs did some amazing stuff for Bahrain and I have to learn see and learn how he did it for Monaco. And no, it’s still far away, but it’ just nicer to test with some proper artworks. 🙂

Others are already lazy bums and enjoy their vacation, so will we the next few days. This month was great, but exhausting and so everybody will appreciate a few days off. 🙂

Have a great christmas, have some nice racing, preferable with sleds and snow.

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  1. Frohe weinachten 🙂

    Hope you had a merry christmas and I hope you’ll get well into the new year.

    Thanks for the now ending year 2008!

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