The privilege to be proud….

Well 2 years and about 5 months are gone now. We started a project during an exciting period of formula one racing. Michael Schumacher had his last chance for his 8th title. For most of us, it was a special formula one season, if you hate him, or love him, it doesn’t matter. We worked on a project together as a team, not as single persons. That’s our real secret. And now after the release, I’m really proud to be part of that team. Everybody gave his best, even if it means he has to work night and day, during illness or vacations, it doesn’t matter.  During the development some members left and some new came into the team. Lucky enough for us we got the right guys. Full of motivation, full of passion for that mod and with these new members our level increased again. So my special thank is directed to the “new guys”. But I should not forget the “old” members, which are at CTDP since we founded the team. We had hard times, and good times. This is good day for everybody in the Team.

Now here we are, after 2 years and a few month to show you, the community, what we have done during all the time you were waiting for this mod. We know it’s not perfect, but it was something special for us. We feel like a father seeing his child is leaving home to discover the world. And we all at CTDP hope, you discover all the lovely details of this mod.

So CTDP wishes you happy St Nicholas Day with CTDP F1 2006 modification for rFactor.

140 thoughts on “The privilege to be proud….”

  1. coolest thing just happened…I put the failed download file in the uTorrent download folder, opened the mod’s torrent and utorrent identified the failed file and continued it’s download from where it was. awesome 🙂

  2. Thank you very much for all your hard work guys!

    This has to be the best christmas gift we could have!

    Try downloading the torrent.We will keep seeding.

    Again thank you and best wishes for the new year.Oh and take some rest, you need it!;)

  3. we’re getting downloads from more than 30 countries, the torrent is holding steady, so far no reports of breakdowns. It couldn’t work better so far, it’s impressive.

  4. Ah I just came to my pc to kill time this fine Sunday morning, and what a great surprise this has been to find out that CTDP06 has been released! YAY! Thanks guys for all your hard work and no doubt a wonderful mod! I greatly apreciate it! Woohoo!! 😀

  5. Yes good point JesterF1, good point. Great early christmas gift 🙂 Great achievement by you guys, CTDP, Andy, Daniel, Shaun, Borro, WHAT21A, Raulongo, all of you!

    By Bjørn G. DK on Dec 7, 2008

    Shaun and WHAT21A are the same person Me :P, i really hope you all enjoy the mod guys, really dunno what i’m going to be doing with my evenings now. Been a pleasure working with everyone in the team over the last year and a half and long may it continue 😀

  6. And the Schuberth shape is just lovely! And the Bell as well 🙂


  7. Ah damned Shaun, sorry 🙂 I’m not aware of all the nicks and names. And my thanks goes to the beta-team as well. Well everybody who has taken action in getting this piece of art together.

  8. hey got a little problem,I’m used to drive with the cockpit camera, but in ctdp 2006 i cant see the road most of the time with that camera because it’s too low

  9. He means adjust YOUR DRIVER’S SEAT akonen, not your REAL LIFE seat 😉

    If you don’t know how, check the control settings in game to see which keys do that. Move your seat UP in the car.

  10. As Dahie, said not time to read all the comments until tomorrow. We had some technical problems during braadcast race so sorry for that once again.

    I would also like to add it was a privilige working on this mod. With Andy Dahie Shaun pretty much in daily contact all the time working big hours, especially the last few weeks, but also all the other members I got to know later on in the development.

    Happy racing 🙂

    Hopefully you will all get the same enjoyment out of it as we did in making it.

  11. Simply fantastic! I have no words to explain how awesome your mod is!
    Congratulations for a such long exhausted work, it worthed it! 😉

    Danke CTDP, you just gave us the best F1 Mod for rFactor 😉


  12. Great mod yes.But:

    I think i found the first bug dont know how you couldnt see this.

    The carsdont appear in the right garages they are mixed, the team mates are just time together in one garage. I tested this one several tracks also on CTDP Bahrain but it was always the same. I saw the car had different race classes, is this the reason?? and how to correct this?
    I didnt find anything in the manual.

  13. Thats not us (and not a bug), thats the tracks, our bahrain 05 is for 05 cars not 06, in our v2 version it will be sorted.

  14. Metalllord, I checked our files an whatever it is it, is not obvious right now, but we are not in the freshest state right this minute to give an immediate answer.

    It will be looked into I know I have seen them correctly assigned too in builds when testing out stuff, so we are not sure right now.

  15. Great Work guys. Congratulations for this great release. I like to say my thanks to all CTDP team for the effort they put into this mod

    Grately Apreciated.


  16. i have 2 problems, i need to know how to reduce the exagerated movement in the view while braking, i not can see the apex of the corner in the cockpit view.

    The second one, is that when i race with all the cars, the williams cars give some windows of problems with textures when the track is loading and, later in the race, the williams cars not have textures.

    What can i do?

  17. Thank you to all CTDP members for your unrelenting effort, and professionalism within the modding community. It has been a pleasure to watch your progress, and I look forward to what you have to offer in the future.

  18. I discovered that it only happens in directx8, when i change to dx7 or dx9 it not happens, i mind that it can be a bug.

  19. Hi CTDP team..finally the mod f1 2006 is out so now after a break u will start the mod 1994? please answer me….its 2 years i wait that the 2006 finished…so now? i start to enjoy this amazing mod together with the great mmg 2007 too until u will release the 1994….can u tell me when u start the 1994?

    thanks in advanced and great for now for this mod

  20. Gordini, I have the same problem. It seems it is only doing this with rosberg’s car, but not sure. I tested on Montreal and Silverstone.

    I’m driving in DX8 too.

  21. Well, first thank CTDP for trusting me painting a car, to the Physics Gurús, that I’m proud for understanding those greek numbers… to the shapers for the greatest shapes ever… to the beta testers, to so much people guys…

    Again, congrats to all of us!!

  22. Congrats guys for a stunning piece of work. And people, get voting on rFC for CTDP 2006 as “Mod of the Year”!!!!!!!

  23. Suddenly I’m very curious: what version of Interlagos was that where the race was run? Is it publicly available? Where can I get it?


  24. Brillian guys! Your download servers work really nicely aswell! Coming 800kbit/s! 🙂 Thank you guys for your great work! 😀 Cant wait to drive mclaren!

  25. Congratulations on a fantastic job guys! It’s stunning to look at, fun to drive, and the attention to detail is remarkable!

  26. Thank you guys for a such incredible mod!
    The best ever!

    i have 1 question:

    what about “server physics” in cars upgrades?
    maybe it’s what we need for on-line racing (Server Edition)?

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