Templates & Viewer release

Ok, took a few days, but I finally finished work on the templates. This involved 3 parts:

  • The templates itself is an archive with all psd-templates for all cars (all teams + SA06 and Safetycar).
  • The viewer, which is the ISI gMotor Viewer from the SDK. We included Scene-Files for our cars, so you can preview your textures in the actual game engine.
  • Documentation about the templates and the viewer.

I order you to paint, I want to see great cars! 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Templates & Viewer release”

  1. First of all thx for the templates!
    Looking great. But i have problems with the driversuit. The layout of the Template is different then on the original textur (from McLaren).
    I mean, on the template the gloves, the arms and the shoes are on different position then on the original Textur.
    So this will not look good ingame.
    Any solutions. (doesn’t hurry)

  2. Hi,

    there is a problem with the Scene-files (Car Viewer)to download it. Both links are broken. Can you fix it please.


  3. Hi,

    it is still the problem with the wrong driversuit template. Can you fix it please and
    provide us with the template.


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