Release review #1

So, the website slowly calms down and regains their usual speed. We enjoyed the first day without this monkey on our back. I don’t know who in the team kept his intention of not browsing any forums for at least a week. I didn’t, I read every comment I could find and have to say a big thank you! The big majority of comments is really nice, we appreciate every single one! Alot of questions where asked in the last 36 hours and even though we tried to read up, there is no way to answer them all imidiately. I hope to cover some topics during the week here in the devblog. (Bugs, Templates…).

Today I’d like to start with the release itself. We are getting the first statistics and we have to say one thing. We knew the stress on the servers, on the mirrors would be huge, I thought I planed it accordingly, but actually the load was alot heavier. Shortly before the release, we had a last talk in the team and we were convinced, that 11 mirrors would be fine and could handle it. If 11 is not enough, what is? Well, they got maxex out. Some hit their traffic-limit. Some where taken down by their provider, because of too many connections. This is why, I always stressed, that this is no childs-play release.

Still, I want to say thank you to any of our mirrors. I doesn’t matter how long you survived, you helped to handle the release and we appreciate the sacrifices you may have, rebooting now. CTDP doesn’t have an own dedicated download server. We rely on external server to download our mods. I am always overwhelmed, when people offer us downloadspace! I did two calls for server this year and within hours people contacted me per mail and offered to help. Thank you! These people allowed us to give you free, fast, ad-free downloads. For as long as they could anyway. 🙂

Moving on, the torrent runs perfect. Sascha gave me the statistics of the initial torrent-file and  sp far the overal traffic is roughly 2000 downloads. Adding to this are between 5000-6000 downloads on the HTTP-server downloaded from our webpage. I haven’t gotten statistics from rFactorCentral yet. Calculate each download with 1Gb, and you see what stress we put on this Interweb. 🙂

I don’t wish to break things. Alot things did break. The live stream at PSRTV.  rFactorCentral, which was down sunday morning and had to turn off their mod rating. Our mirrors. Obviously we didn’t plan this mayhem, and not only us underestimated the response to the release. Still, having the power to crash the internet or influence it in such a way presents a kind of power which feels satisfying and good also makes us a bit proud after such a long work. You guys are maniacs and we love to mod for you, if this is your response. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Release review #1”

  1. Yes, the mod is the best mod in general for rF.

    With your reputation of F1C and rF with the 2005 update, the community kind of expected it….
    But to deliver it like this is just very good and, in my opinion, couldn’t be done better.

    And of course, not everything was like you planned it to be. But that’s never the case. Like the broadcast on FSR, but it all doesn’t matter.

    Just for free you offer us a very good F1 game, and let’s face it, it is almost 6 years ago we got the last full f1 game. So this is great!

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