Read me, oh my god, read me!

Some time ago there might have been a discussion like this. We sat the other day and thought aloud…

Gosh, this mod is gigantic and this mod is complicated and all the upgrades they are complex, people will be wrecking their brain.

What can we possibly do?

We could write a readme or a manual!

… but who is gonna read this, actually?

Yeah, dumb idea, but wait… what if we release them beforehand?

Hm, this might work. They are killing us to get the mod, so maybe we can hold them off for a few days AND convince them to read just by giving out the readme and the manual a few days early.

Let’s do it …

So, uhm enough said.

Manual for CTDP F1 2006

This covers the first roll out, setup advise for engine, brakes, tires and more, the ControlCenter, some basic FAQ (nothing new actually) and the everlong credits list.

And Readmes in English, French, Italian and Spanish.

(And don’t ask why we totally forgot to make a translation in our mother tongue 😉 )

Thanks to our translators! Oh and while I was already credited here 2 weeks ago for my work on the Manual, I have to pass it to Codan, who jumped in, when I had to jump in for some other guy in a different project. Also kudos to Michael, Gonzo and Arloch, who spent the time writing and explaining how the setups and upgrades work.

Ok, and now I fall in my bed and wonder what I have forgotten… guess I’ll learn tomorrow morning.

Update 4. Dec 2008:

Ok, we addressed some of the bugs in the manual, thanks for the feedback! Alex added some addition plr-settings for texturesize and mirrordetails. I added 2 FAQ-entries, which came up here in the comments.

We also added the German translation of the readme. 😉

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31 thoughts on “Read me, oh my god, read me!”

  1. Literally just finished reading it. Those settings for the Control Centre are going to take ages. So much thought has gone into this. Really awesome!

  2. Brilliant – absolutely brilliant. Overwhelming & impressive all at once. The Control Center looks awesome!!

  3. I’d just like to express my apreciation for always letting us know what’s going on. And for the readme, that was a smart move, well done.

    I love comming here each day, and it’s been real busy here lately, and I’m all excited!! Thanks CTDP!!! 😀

  4. this is fantastic guys, thanks very much for this. Just one thing that I laughed to myself quietly was this in the PDF manual …

    “If your steering wheel is broken and it shits twice …”

    hehehe, bit of a typo but funnily enough it still kinda makes sense *<{:0)

  5. Nice! Thought one thing would be covered in FAQ but it’s not, so Im asking here 😛 Is there going to be sort of server edition of CDTP06 with this release or is it going to be added later? Tnx.

  6. I think I will retire all other mods! This is an incredible effort, and worth waiting for. The Control Center is awesome, and as a M.Eng. my heart rate just went off the charts. Tweak time!
    Great work, can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  7. Good news!!! 🙂

    Some parties in the translation into Spanish are not correct, if you want I can try to fix that. 🙂


  8. Thanks for reminding us, this one will be added,too. Let me quote myself from RSC:

    No there won’t be a server Edition! We will release a “Dedicated server edition”. This Version of the mod is the same as the mod itself but without all the textures and sounds. So the installation is smaller and the downloadpackage,too. You should only run a Dedicated server with this mod version.

    So there are 2 version of the mod when it’s released.

    – F1 2006 by CTDP v1.0 -> Client Version (about 1,1 GB)
    – DSE F1 2006 by CTDP v1.0 -> Server, to run it as Dedicated server (about 450 mb)

    We can offer a small package for leagues on request, but we won’t release it to public.

    Last year when we did the Server Edition we ruined our own mod with this release…..

  9. Here’s a quick, probably very stupid question…..

    Will the dedicated server edition have equal cars? Or would having equal cars mean it was a server edition!!

    I guess we will still be able to make the cars the same by using relatively the same HDV file? or has this mod seriously grown in complexity since 05, in that respect?

  10. And can I register my interest in the ‘Small package for leagues’ please.

    I am planning to use the mod in my league early in 2009, after this season has finished. Would be great.

    When it’s all done can you get back to me at my email. 🙂 Thanks Guys.

  11. IMO Releasing the manual before hand is good, at least some poeople may read it, or there is a good chance they may do so. I am sure there will be some who do, nevertheless, there will be many questions asked repeatedly, over an over again, only to find the answer is actually in the documentation, so now is my time to say it 🙂

    ——— READ THE MANUAL ———
    ——— READ THE MANUAL ———
    ——— READ THE MANUAL ———

  12. To quote Neidryder:”We can offer a small package for leagues on request, but we won’t release it to public.” – my question after reading this is: Does this mean that you will/can make a some sort of patch for a Client edition for leagues to make every car performances equal if asked to do so? Im asking this because if the league Im in decides to use CDTP 06 as mod for the next season it would be cool to have equal cars for each of drivers.

  13. You can’t get it 100% equal because all cars are using different suspension geometries and wheelbases (just like in real) but we can offer something that makes the cars almost equal.

  14. “…. so maybe we can hold them off for a few days AND convince them to read just by giving out the readme and the manual a few days early.”

    So freakin close! The suspense is killing me! 🙂

  15. It’s always good to have the manual in advance, so thanks!

    I hope everyone really interested about playing this mod will read it. That will save CTDP support time. Another good reason is the amount of effort they needed to create it 😉



  16. WOW, not a simple readme but a manual, thats awesome even a little scary, you gave me a good reason to use rf-skinhud in my laptop, im going to need not a hud but a live telemetry sheet to keep everything under control, it will be like my pitwall screen, thanks for the manual

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