Last call and some press related issues

We are beginning to jump nervously from one foot to the other. I’m speaking with all the mirrors, who already contacted us and manage everything for the release, so they are prepared. We will setup a main torrent in combination with several regular download-servers. If there are webmasters who’d like to help out for the release, we’d really appreciate your support! So you know what to expect, the installer of the basic mod will be 1GiB in size. So the traffic is huge and we don’t want to crash servers (been there, done that), so if you want to help us, be aware of the load!

We have one small butsy. We got asked for exclusive releases like “you release on our place first and we make give you promotion”. Thanks, but no thanks, there has only been one very good offer, which we discussed long and wide, but which we declined in the end as well. We also got bad offers, where we just asked ourselves where our payoff is for sharing our name and publicity. So we will manage our release ourself and don’t do any exclusives.

On the brighter side, everybody can contact us, ask questions, interview, make reviews and we will respond and get back to you. Either write to our public email address or my address, it doesn’t matter, I’m the one getting the mail anyway.

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19 thoughts on “Last call and some press related issues”

  1. So we can expect release for 6.12. evening after the Promrace. Great cant wait to download this hope you guys will be up running your torrent programs on highspeed.

  2. If you’ve set everything with the servers, is it possible then to give us an approximate release date?

    I understand it most likely won’t be possible, but there’s no harm in asking a simple question 😉

  3. Lol, completely offtopic but I just raced with Ahmad on the montreal track with MMG 07 and I just now see that this same guy is commenting at this page. 🙂 It’s me, Floris Koop NL 🙂 Well, anyways.. can’t wait for CTDP, especially because I ordered my new rig yesterday!

  4. Why is this mod bloated up to 1gig? Cant you guys release a simple version for folks with slow connections 🙂

    We just want the cars not the fancy interfaces, eyecandy etc.. 1gig is really over the top 🙂

  5. The mod doesn’t have a lot of fancy actually, the 1gb doesn’t even include an intro so far! The filesize is attributed to the sheer amount of contents. Unpacked the mod will require 4GiB of free space.

  6. Dear friendschips forming in our devblog, long lost people finding each other again by pure chance and their common fascination in racing simulation. This is so nice. 🙂 😉

  7. try KGB then. It can get those 4Gb down to a few measly kb (I’m not joking)…it just takes weeks to compact if you do so 😀 (again, not a joke)

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