Identical physics for leagues

Ok, speaking with Michael revealed, he actually changed the league physics before the release from near-equal-physics, I talked about it, to complete identical physics. The cars also have the same wheel-base, which results in the cars floating slightly, this is an inconvience, but one you’ll have to live with. I’ll write to the leagues today, who have been waiting impatiently so far.

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6 thoughts on “Identical physics for leagues”

  1. Some drivers are experiencing very low levels of traction control even though they’ve bought the highest TC upgrade. Are the TC levels somehow being overwritten?

  2. Hi all and thanks again for such a incredible “mod”. My league is very very interested using your Mod next league and we will be very gratefull if you could also contact us about the “identical physics”. Thanks in advance for your reply.”

    CIRCO (rfactorcup league admin)

  3. Sorry about this! With the league physics, traction control was forced to 35% on low, 42.5% medium, and 50% for high. This was unintentional and will be changed in the patch.

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