133 thoughts on “FSR Livechat event”

  1. ah bugger lol, dunno what happened, car was buggered after getting hit a few times really difficult to drive.

  2. Awesome mod but why is there so much damn smoke whenever someone locks up, at the restart it was looking like driving through heavy fog.

  3. Gilmore has definitely fuel till the end… He was fairly slower than Spoliaric berfore Spo pitted. Ryan’s gonna win if he can keep the car on the road

  4. Whoooooohooooooooo, what a RACE!!!!

    Why still watching real F1… if they overtake in PSR CTDP 2006 Championship…

    You did a good job. Wow, thank you guys.

  5. What detail level are the car models in? I don’t mean to complain, it’s just that compared to previous CTDP mods, the onboards of the models look…..underwhelming. Hence my curiosity

  6. After a long 2 minute brainstorm we found the problem of the livestream. In the UK it seems to work, on continental Europe it doesn’t. So we concluded, that the underwater calbes through the northsea can’t sustain the heavy water pressure anymore and IP-packages don’t fit through. It’s like a big underwater traffic jam and the connecion will soon burst, leading water into the connection and into everybodies computer. To counteract this, we plan to rerout the data via a train-connection through the Europtunnel. We keep you informed.

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