CTDP – FSR Showcase Race – Your Participation

Hi guys, this is just a little reminder to tune into PSRTV on saturday to watch our showcase race, we would also like to give you guys a chance to ask us questions during the broadcast just visit this link during the broadcast and join the chatroom, we will be waiting there for your questions to come in and answer them live on air. http://prosimracing.com/racecast/

So see you all on Saturday for our Showcase race and special announcement 🙂

6 thoughts on “CTDP – FSR Showcase Race – Your Participation”

  1. Hopefully this tream will work cause i can imagine many many people will watch the race and even now i got connection problems with PSRTV and i have a highspeed connection and it works great at the moment just PSRTV isnt.

  2. Yeah would be great if they prepared better now there website is down because of two many connections and PSRTV is now really slow.

    So first bad thing hopefully the schowrace will be a schow race so everyone can watch it but at the moment nobody can do this. So nothing against CTDP but i can just say bad prepared.

  3. No, it says:
    Warning: mysql_pconnect() [function.mysql-pconnect]: Too many connections in /home/prosimr/public_html/racecast/index.php on line 275
    Failed to connect to mysql server:Too many connections

    xD i expected something like that 😛

  4. Suddenly I’m very curious: what version of Interlagos was that where the race was run? Is it publicly available? Where can I get it?


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