Call for Kittens

Take a deep breath, Dahie, calm down, bite your tongue, break a pencil, do anything, but don’t let it out on the email-writer. *conscious breathing*

I’m working through the emails we got during the last days, many leagues, many nice words, a few repeating bug reports. (I’m impressed how many use the DX8 mode! :))

And so I got another few mails with people apologising for their English. I’d like to try a new method, which originally was used to stop people from smoking: Everytime I get a mail of somebody apologising, I’m going to to kill a kitten. I like kittens, but I’m allergic, so you see what self-sacrafice I’m willing to take by killing one each time I read this annoying PS-BS! I’m a patient guy, I can laugh at dumb mails and hate comments, I like to handle the emails, because I like to read what everyone has to say, but this really gets me nuclear (nucular)! Everytime I read it, I have to swallow and something inside dies! I don’t know if I can make the world a better place, but if I could stop everyone from apologising for speaking or breathing, I think I would have succeeded! Self-deprecation is fun, devotion can be as well, but apologising for your language skills is neither! One day, if I rob a Walmart, I will be sorry for my english. Untill then, please quit it, do me this favour, this single favour for the guy on the mail-counter and don’t have him to kill the kittens. Please! … Because I don’t have any …

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11 thoughts on “Call for Kittens”

  1. So I guess the worst e-mail you could get right about now would be something like

    “Hi. You promised tracks. when is Monaco coming out. is it today? sorry for my english” 😛

  2. You may write that in your signature or here on the website: “Pay attention: if you’ll write -sorry for my english- you won’t receive any answer”. 😀

    Or probably all of this is a hint to CTDP next project: a Carmageddon mod where all the zombies are changed with people screaming “sorry for my english”. 😆

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