What do you expect???

First, let me say i’m speaking just for me in this post, not for the whole team. These thoughts are my thoughts and maybe some of the CTDP members share my point of view on some topics, mabye not.

Well reading the last devblog comments in the last few weeks, there’s a bit sadness coming to me. I don’t know, if we really can meet all these expectations. Sure, we worked over 2 years on it and we’re pretty proud to what it is now, but it is still just a Formula one mod. Not more. We had some non CTDP work to do,too. We did the BMW 2007 for ISI and we also did some other game stuff which was not ISI related. But we never gave up our „baby“, the 2006 F1 mod. We gave attention to a lot of small details because it’s something special for us. I don’t know if anybody else will see the same behind the mod like us. It was part of our daily life during the past 2 years, we had good days with and bad days,too. But in the end, it doesn’t even matter, it was worth the work. It was the last season of one of the greatest drivers ever. This is our way to pay tribute to him. I really feel a big gap on today’s formula one when I watch the old 2006 videos. Sure the post Schumacher F1 was good,too but it’s not the same anymore for me.

I’m so proud of the whole team. Everybody did his part to make this mod become something special and I’ll really miss that once the mod is released. We did the best we could do with all these restrictions.

So nevertheless, I hope you’ll have a great time with this mod when it is released (even if it’s 2 years too late), but don’t be too harsh if you don’t like it. For us, it’s still something special you can’t understand when you’re not involved in the project.

Thanks for your attention.

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  1. Don’t worry about harsh comments ;]

    Personally I’m almost sure that 2006 mod will be the best F1 mod for rfactor. Because of that – I know that it requires a lot of time and testing. As not biggest modding group it would certainly take a bit longer but its still better than seeing bugs. CTDP is known for quality – just like Blizzard 😉
    If it comes to release-date discussion: I’m not concerned with it – I’ll be happy enough when it will be released.

    keep up the good work guys. May The Force be with You 🙂

  2. Hey Andy…

    Let me say something to the work you have done over the last years. It´s just incredible what you have done with the whole CTDP Crew…It´s just outstanding! And let me say something about what i´am expecting for the Formula 1 2006 mod. It will be an new benchmark in the rFactor Formula 1 world for shure. The time, the effort that you are putting in these mods it´s just unbelievable. I´am proud of it to play these great mods you did.

    You guys are great! Thx so much for all the work you did!

  3. nice words spacekid 🙂 + I would also like to add myself to the list of people who think you main guys have done a fantastic thing with this mod. Every update that came up for testing always excited me to see the attention to detail that was being made.


  4. Very good words!
    I pay attention to this mod from begun, and its very special stuff for me. 2006 was the last year for greatest racer of all times, and this is very, very special for me.
    Good luck to all CTDP teams!!!

  5. very good Neidryder!
    you’re absolutely right with what you are saying. i think some of the people, writing in this devblog, forget that all the ctdp work is a privat work. and even if it takes as much time as it, it’s not your job. so we should be happy, that someone like you (ctdp) is spending his free time, to build such a “baby” as you call it, and i’m sure it is a “baby”. i was a great schumacher fan too, and i still am. and you’re absolutely right; hate him or love him – nobody can tell me that the f1 today is the same as years ago. it is not the same. and because of this fact i also don’t share the opinion or argument “it is 2009 and you have not managed to release a season which is 3 years old”. it’s not “a 3 year old season”. it’s the 2006 season, a historic season. same as 1994. and nobody says: “how can you release a mod more than 15 years after it happend in real life?!” .. this is stupid.
    so, to conclude my statement: don’t listen to those idiots that do not honour your hard work during the last 2 weeks. i, and all the other f1 and ctdp fans will love your mod.

  6. I’m sure those who complain about the time it takes for making this mod will change their minds once they get their hands on this mod 🙂 Everyone should be incredibly grateful for your work, especially since you will change the standards for how a mod should be like (by the looks of it so far).

    And about the sounds, I have no idea what an F1 engine sounds like when you’re in the cockpit with earplugs and a helmet on your head. Anyone else know how it sounds? Don’t think so, so you can’t really complain about it.

  7. Yeah sure but it takes too long we will be in 2009 soon 😉 A mod can have some bugs and must not be perfect. I dont want to play it anymore. MMG and FSONE do a great job in short time

  8. These some people are basing their opinion about sounds on what they have heard from tv or when they have been at some race track 50m away from cars flying past them.. Its just stupid.

    And it wont be ever too late for season 2006. F1 have lost lots of worth since MS left.. Only negative thing from my side for this MOD is that Race07 and GTRevo have something to offer what we wont ever see in rF, but this will still be best F1 sim what we can get. 🙂

  9. MMG takes now also nearly one year for release with less options then CTDP. FSONE was faster but has bad quality many bucks and didnt learn anything from FSONE 2006.

    So i wait longer for a really great mod with alot of details and best quality available. And this is CTDP 2006. Continue your great work hope there arent too many bucks so you get ready very soon 😉

  10. We wait 2 years of THIS mod!!! Sure i have played Fs one mod but delate it from my Pc! I still play only the 2005 Ctdp mod! Its the best qualety! Its not the season what is important its the gamingqualety what is important! Ihr seid Perfektionisten und Profis! Ich freue mich auf euer Baby!

  11. This mod is testament to what is possible by the sim racing community, and sets a precedent that sadly we rarely see met. In my opinion there is no other way to do something; you do it once and you do it properly. I have the utmost respect for whoever puts pen to paper so to speak, and creates something. And in that sense, I appreciate the work of any mod creator. But what we see here is a little bit special; an example of production without compromise.

    I have tried a lot of different rFactor mods, especially those of the Formula 1 variety, but I keep going back to the same one: the BMW Sauber 2007. No I’m not a staunch BMW supporter, and yes it does mean I have stuck to purely test days, as it is a single car mod. But the point is; the detail invested in that car produces such a rewarding and immersing experience in driving it.

    To those people that complain about the length of production for this mod; you simply can’t reach that level of detail without considerable time being invested; it’s proportionate. It would appear so many, both creators and the community at large are willing to accept average quality. There’s a few of us though that fear the day where all modding teams choose to compromise the extent of what they could achieve. We’re sincerely thankful of your approach to modding CTDP; your team has every right to be tremendously proud.

  12. And for those who are waiting this mod, as this mod were for you.. let me say one thing: CTDP is sharing its work with us, and we don’t need to say, “I’m waiting for this so long” because, they’re sharing this with us!!!!… The only word we can say is Thanks!!!

  13. 2006 was boring F1 season (tho Schumi left) but I think this mod will change my view a bit 😛

    Really appreciated of your work and I hope I will have great time with this mod 😉

  14. 658 words are my feelings as well! I can’t wait to make my lap of vids with a true quality mod! Though I did make a few CTDP05 vids. 😀

  15. No need for flatterings..
    To the point:
    Does the mod so far:
    look good?
    -Yes from what weve seen from the pictures.
    feel good?
    -Well have to wait for the release to test it.
    sound good?
    -No from what weve seen from videos.

    So what I expect from ctdp is to deal with the last issue.

  16. I have the same thoughts as 658! CTDP’s the best and sounds isn’t everything, my expectations are high, but fair, cause I know what you can do, I’ve followed you guys since your 1995 mod for F12002 🙂

    Don’t mind george, he’s a well-known pain in the ass…

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