15 thoughts on “We released …”

  1. oh i’ve got a question about the 2006 release, and it’s not “when does it come?” 😛

    i just want to know if you are giving a release date when you know your mod is finished or do you simply release the mod without saying anything before? so like a “surprise” or something like that

  2. And this mod was very beloved 🙂 Still got it somewhere on the HDD and maybe I should reinstall F1 Challange when I get my new hard drive installed to reminisce those great times with CTDP, specially. 98, 03, 04 and 05 🙂

  3. If they convert CTDPs mod and do it better then their other illegal mods then it could be good but i dont think so the quality of F1rft mods is very low in general.

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