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  1. After a few discussions there was a mixback of views on weather to keep the end of race textures or have new ones or to have something in-between. You’ll have to wait till the mod is released to see what was deceided, as screenshots do not show the full story 😉

  2. As I have said before, it’s something that is difficult to judge without seeing in motion; however the images suggest you have exploited the positive aspects of the effect. Importantly, the main issues of incorrect and excessive reflection seem to be resolved; the reflection and highlights feel more conventional, and above all realistic.

  3. yeah, the new map has one major effect, it pronounces the colors mor. The old one desaturated slightly, which look fine on some cars and not so good on others. Unfortunately the only car, which I think really requires this color saturation is McLaren (the red looks dull I think), and it doesn’t get the new cube. Strange irony.

  4. looks awesome, although the ferrari tcam picture looks a bit like the ferrari was flying… perhaps it’s because of the lightning at that position of the track, but you can see quite a shadow under the wheels, which makes the car look flying

  5. As already told, it is difficult to judge from static pictures. But it seems that a lot of that GT5 lighting effect has gone. I’ve been making new cubes from scratch for MMG F1 2007 and 2008, and what I can recommend is to bring more light gradient on the horizon of the cube map. This is really what makes the GT5 lighting.

    In the other hand, I’m glad to see that, in the end, you changed tyre texture, cause you guys definitely needed a new one. Good work, only I think the center of the tyre is a bit light. Maybe darkner it would work better.

    Good work overall!

    JuanDi Sanchez – MMG 2D Department Director.

  6. Looks awsome guys!

    I got 2 questions:
    1. So McLaren will remain shiny with the old cubemaps as it can be seen on screenshots in the gallery?

    2. If I’m not wrong, please do correct me if I am, in season 2006. MP4-21 had also an orange test scheme with black stickers on it and some parts coloured in black (ie front and rear wing). Will that scheme be included in the mod?


  7. I think the 6e66o’s cubemap version for ferrari was better.
    Also I dont like these tyre textures.They remind me of other mods.
    Waiting to see the final version.

  8. @Andrey: Yes, McLaren uses the old cubemap and no, we didn’t include the testlivery, because as it is a regular livery and not chrome, it wouldn’t look as good. Also, it wasn’t driven in GPs and we already included nearly 200 liveries, what more do you want? 😉

  9. Ok. Too bad that it has to be like that due to ‘technical limitations’.

    Wow 200 liveries! I can’t even remeber 30 of them from the 2006 season! Excellent job there 😉

    ..Waiting for the final version.

  10. ringring@fred

    seems fred and me are one person 😉

    200 liverys….so 9 for each car??? is it not too less for a whole season?

  11. I didn’t count, I wanted to proof a point.
    The mean of 9 per car should be about right. Some cars like Aguri or Midland have nearly each GP, others like Toyota or BMW have barely 3-4, sometimes just the livery even remains the same, but the helmets change, only. Still the estimte sounds about right.

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