CTDP & Formula Sim-Racing Collaboration – Showcase Race

Hi everyone, Over the past few week’s and month’s, CTDP & FSR have worked close to get the 2006 mod as good as possible with alot of the FSR driver’s taking part in our beta test series race’s throughout the last few month’s.

With this we have decided to end the series on a high note and broadcast the event Live on PSRTV for all to enjoy. The event will take place on December 6th from 18:00GMT using the CTDP 2006 mod @ Interlagos Circuit Brazil. Interview’s with dev’s will take place during the broadcast aswell as the usual high drama FSR action on track with the likes of Patrick De Wit, FSR WS PRO Champion Mikko Puumalainnen, David Greco, FSR WS ACE Champion Fred Gosling and many more FSR regular’s (including me 🙂 ) all taking part in the event. You never know we may even have a very special announcement to make, so join us December 6th 2008 for Live coverage of CTDP-FSR Showcase race live from Interlagos, Brazil on Prosimracing.com

We would like to Thank Dave Carr-Smith for organizing the race and getting all car’s assigned to driver’s to make the race as competative as possible.

30 thoughts on “CTDP & Formula Sim-Racing Collaboration – Showcase Race”

  1. Excellent, sounds like fun! But I’m glad that I’m not driving, I think I’d fall asleep! Practice will start at 4:30am my time! Reminds me of those long nights awaiting the real Brazilian GP 😉

  2. ““You never know we may even have a very special announcement to make.” = release of ctdp06 im sure” <- Or maybe that CTDP has found a major bug that will take over 2 months to fix? 😉 Nah, just kidding.

  3. JesterF1 – Bandwidth requirements should be fine. Just gotta hope the USA don’t have any bad weather where Ian (PSRTV providor) lives are cause us to have some glitches.

  4. The Stream has nothing to do with CTDP, that all falls down to Prosimracing.com but the connections they have are very good

  5. I think it wouldn’t be a big deal to pay a couple of bucks for a good mod like this.
    People expect to get everything quality for free..
    Atleast you would have a separate budget what you can work with! 🙂

  6. it sounds like fun 😀

    is the new 2006 mod released soon?….I mean, in order to join the competition..hehe

    love the 2005 mod and hope to love, even more, the 2006, regards

  7. Looking good guys. Oh, and nice to see a couple of old AlphaF1C regulars involved – congratulations on the mod 🙂

  8. @Nobody

    What are you really talking about? You mean the Spelling of Practice or what?

    IF you are saying the photo’s of the cars look wrong then have you thought that they maybe from a earlier build?

    Explain yourself properly

  9. nobody – a perfect name for yourself. You do not know the half the story this mod has taken this past year i’ve been able to test for it. Don’t start getting arsey because the dev part of the team spent hours debugging the mod + putting it together so that on release there will be a near perfect release (not perfect, near perfect!).

    If it was up to me. I’d delay the mod till Duke Nukem is out but thats just me.

  10. Please CTDP, I am a pilot of GTR Evolution (best current simulator), we need a lot of you developing mod’s for our community, this would be a dream for us, the junction of the best simulator (GTR EVO) with the best developers of mod’s, CTDP!!!

  11. There won’t be any mods for GTR-Evo. GTR-Evo doesn’t have all the features we used in rF. Engine mappings, Upgradesystem etc….

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