Changelog for Beta2

The second beta is given to our testers. The first run was quite effective I think. Many things where reported and the majority is already fixed in the Beta2. Untill the release there will be a scheduled Beta 3 and one Release Candidate. Thanks to the testers, keep up the good job!

Here is the changelog from Beta 1 to Beta 2.

CTDP F1 2006 Mod rF – Beta 2
– 0000382: [Cars] Flipup on BMW (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000362: [Cars] Williams Aero Upgrades (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000352: [Cars] Williams: Podwing upgrades (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000353: [Cars] Williams: white floorboard due to cubemap (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000367: [Cars] BMW: Europe GP loads wrong skin for Heidfeld (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000389: [Cars] renault and ferrari steering wheel positions (Afborro) – resolved.
– 0000379: [Cars] McLaren: driver suit to darkgrey (WHAT21A) – resolved.
– 0000366: [Cars] Super Aguri: stretched driver name (WHAT21A) – resolved.
– 0000378: [Cars] Super Aguri: SA05 is missing the fuel opening (WHAT21A) – resolved.
– 0000374: [Cars] Midland: Hockenheim skin is half-white (Dahie) – resolved.
– 0000365: [Cars] Tyres have a weird edge (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000368: [Cars] Flickering shadows at Toyota’s tyres (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000357: [Cars] Honda Rear Wing Mapping (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000233: [Cars] very dark mclaren textures in dx7 (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000337: [Menu] Spinner: Driver body (Afborro) – resolved.
– 0000360: [Cars] Missing texture on renault suspension? (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000358: [General] Visor strip at shuberth helmets (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000356: [Cars] Skin load by BAR Honda (KI) (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000274: [Menu] Menu: Move Spinner slightly (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000333: [Cars] Fehler am BMW Auspuffrohr (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000355: [Cars] Renault: missing E and N decals (Dahie) – resolved.
– 0000354: [Menu] wrong GP numbers in menu (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000348: [Cars] Wrong/Missing Williams Logos (Dahie) – resolved.
– 0000145: [Cars] Honda-Helmets dig hin (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000343: [Cars] Reflection issues on Massa’s Ferrari (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000331: [Cars] Johnny Walker “Walker” logo size is inconsistant on Airbox (Dahie) – resolved.
– 0000351: [Cars] Toyota: texture looks rather grey than white (Dahie) – resolved.
– 0000349: [Cars] BMW Rim Lip (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000338: [Cars] Toyota: Upgrades (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000339: [Cars] Toyota: Frontwing logo wrong color (Dahie) – resolved.
– 0000336: [Menu] Toyota: Bahrain Livery name missing (Dahie) – resolved.

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17 thoughts on “Changelog for Beta2”

  1. Funny you shoudl say that 658. These things always come to haunt us :). I had this discussion with Andy (NeidRyder) but we decided not to address that with more pressing things for the time being. I still have the amended wing on my hard drvie though and didn’t scrap it, but it ideally would also need a small texture change and wasn’t quite done, so not sure I can promise this or not but here is a low quality picure in max to show my changes.

  2. No problem at all. I’ve had a look at some of your other 248F1 screenshots and some of the issues don’t appear to be isolated to the Monza spec front wing. So have a check of the other 248F1 front wings; i’m sure you would have anyway πŸ™‚

  3. 658, I wouldn’t hold your breath we will revisit everything like that, I did some work on that one as it was the most obvious one of all the ferrari wings that stood out, so one evening started playing a bit with it and that is what I made.

    The thing is we got to stop tweaking at some point, I have a small few thing left on the safety car driver and than mostly bug fixes. I am doing a bit of both at the moment, but more serious mistakes and or bugs take priority over shape discrepancies, in the end it comes down to when the other things are done like physics etc, how much time we have left to do such things πŸ˜‰ For example, in recent tests people/testers reported more pressing things like funcionality on cars, like how well mirrors work. These changes mean a bit of work, that all adds up, but as that wing is pretty much done, I am sure we can get that one included. Not making definite promises about the other wings specs though πŸ˜‰

  4. I completely understand afborro; A line has to be drawn somewhere, and more pressing matters should always take priority.

    @Dahie: what can I say, it’s a Tifosi thing πŸ˜‰

  5. You are lucky this time, the wishmaster said that your wish has come true, the wing will be incorporated after diccussion with Andy and he will finish it, while I’ll work on some other bugs requests.

  6. All hail the mighty Wishmaster! Thanks guys, I would have understood if it couldn’t be incorperated, but you just made my day! πŸ™‚

  7. Great job guys!
    Hope we can start the 2009 season with this mod in our league πŸ™‚
    I have a feeling by looking at your status updates that you will finish this mod this year! Or at least hope so πŸ˜‰

  8. hmmm this year, we were thinking of releasing in 2016 for rfactor 6 as a 10 year aniversary edition of rFactor for Schumacher’s retirement πŸ˜‰

  9. Hey guys, I appreciate the hard work (Dahie will know from the few times we’ve spoken) but would like to make sure you guys remembered the Williams steering wheel. It apparently still had the one from late 2005 or the 2006 showcar.

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