Another week of beta testing …

Another week of betatesting is over. We got about 30 new reports, mostly minor stuff, but we are on it. Williams will get some more attention, there slipped a few things. Shaun is just on Super Aguri, fixing some small bugs on the texture. Alex has finished the driver body and finished the showroom. I should begin work on the manual today, if I find the motivation (your call). The task nobody wanted to do, so we had to play inverse-russian roullete in the team: 5 bullets for 6 people, last man standing has to do the job. Lucky me.

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14 thoughts on “Another week of beta testing …”

  1. I was going to do one with Schumi, but its 3:30am here so I’ll have to call it a day. Goodluck with the beta testing today! 🙂

  2. Dahie is a multilingual multi talented guy, he is the obvious choice for it. His own fault for learning too many languages 🙂

    Us here in the UK, we suck at that, Granted I am a Dutchman and I lived in the UK for some time. Anyway, nobody wants a manual in double Dutch 😀

  3. well.. sounds like if some help wouldn’t be bad for you. and honestly, i talked to andy a few days ago, because i would really really like to be part of the betatesters. but believe me or not, since then i didn’t get an answer 🙁

    do as you always do – give your best.. because i’m very looking forward to this mod!

    .. and sorry for my bday english :/

    (.. just a joke 😀 )

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