Another two days …

Another two days spent bugfixing. So far there haven’t been major reports, but many of the seemingly insignificant things can turn out quite nast. Like one Williams-frontwing, which had the wrong logo on some GPs, sounds simple, but required a new upgrade, remapping, new shadows, slightly changed texture, which due to yours truly needed to be saved twice. But hey, it looks great now. 🙂

We have our Bugtracker, and we are working through everything, Andy and me fixed 10 bugs in the last 2 days. Afborro is working on some last polish in the showroom. I get organising for the release done. Whata and me will doe some work on the manual. Something nobody else wants to do actually. So we threw dices and picked the people with the least time on their hands. That’s how it works, we don’t complain enough.

Enjoy the last weeks, before the mods is released. I tell you, you are going to miss waiting for it.

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14 thoughts on “Another two days …”

  1. haha i do agree with the “your going to miss waiting comment” All the many followers over the years coming and checking site for new updates everyday will have nothing more to do now when released, apart from play it :D:D:D

    All sounds good lads, well done and looking forward to the released.


  2. Yep thanks for your attention to detail and perfection in your works guys, it’s greatly apreciated! Thanks for CTDP06! 🙂

  3. Have you checked my feedback on how the steering wheel should be placed closer to the driver in the Ferrari and Renault? Now they are too close to the windshield, should be more space in between.

    I might upset some of you guys waiting for the mod, but this is nontheless true 🙂

  4. Hi,

    Will there be a server (league) edition of CTDP F1 2006 ? Will it be with the exact same physics for every car (motor, etc.) ?


  5. we got the mail ad added it to our bugtracker, Alex is going to take a look at it and see if he can confirm this or not. Anyway, thanks for writing, we appreciate that, even if we don’t change it!

  6. I confirm got that email and will look at it 😉 Just to confirm how time and two days can go by quite easily. The last few tasks are always the most difficult :). I was having some issues with the showroom that took me most of the weekend to find the problem, indeed it highlighted an interesting rF artifact, or potentially a bug related to displaying upgrades. Interestingly this bug also exists in a lot of custom showroom mods when it appears nothing is apparently being implemented incorrectly, but thankfully I found there is a solution for it. Perhaps one of those undocumented features that noone ever tells you about 🙂

    Once that extra stuff has been put in the showroom in the next couple of days, I will be helping out fixing the remaining bugs.

  7. It will be the best mod I’ve ever seen for rFactor. So please guys, finish the mod calmly, and don’t hurry. 🙂

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