Cube Map Experiments – Feedback needed!

Hi guys.

6e66o did some experiments with the cube map and he tested it with a beta version of our mod,too. So now we’re a bit unsure what to do. Add it to our mod or not? If we add it, we have to adjust the alpha layers of all of our textures and we don’t know if the community like it or not. So again your opinion is needed. I think all of you now know how the mod looks like so i only link to the pictures from the edited version with the new cubemap by 6e66o.

52 thoughts on “Cube Map Experiments – Feedback needed!”

  1. I am working on the showroom, what goes in it ….. , and also working towards putting a driver in out safety car 🙂

    Shaun What21A is working on the cubemap experiments a already said, tweaking our skins to suit, while recently I have given this cubemap some thought too, and did some actual experiments with the cubemap itself, i.e. modifying it and got some promising results without tweaking any alphas at all. We had some internal discussions, what we like about it, and not, and we will therefore try to overcome those issues.

    Pretty much 658 touched on the issue in his post already, and while you can get some very sexy scresnshots with it if the car is facing in certain directions, when you actually see the cubemap ingame moving around on the car, some of the issues become transparent, the car going form quite dull with no reflection hardly at all facing one way, with bordering on too much reflection facing the other, of course all of that is kind of subjective, but right now while this cubemap offers some nice features and effects, I personally wouldn’t say it better overall than the cube map we currently use when taking into account those issues. Merely adjusting the alpha on the car to suit is not the whole story perhaps.

    I guess we’ll decide at some point whether to incorporate or not, but I guess only if we are entirely satisfied witht the results, than we’ll see what it brings after our experiments 🙂

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