Clichees are great!

Thanks Andy for this nice piece of work clichees.

A 2D Artist, a 3D Artist and a Project Manager are having lunch. Something in the manager’s salad beginns to move. Nervous and obviously disgusted, he pulls a shacky cocoon from the salad. The 2D Artist beats it with his spoon, the 3D Artist with his knife untill, finally the cocoon opens up and a fairy with butterfly-wings gets out.

“Thanks for freeing me” she said. “For this, each shall ‘ave  a wish.”

The 2D Artist imidiately asks for his “own island in the carabbean” and “never having to work again”. The fairy agrees and the 2D Artist vanishes.

The 3D Artists thinks for a minute and wishes to “become Production Supervisor at ILM, this would be nice!”. The fairy agrees and the 3D Artist vanishes.

The project manager looks at the fairy and thinks. Finally he just sais “Well, actually, I have nothing to wish for, but it would be cool, if both of them were back on time for the afternoon meeting.”

Yes, we have come down to telling jokes here! We just have to explain, what the everyday problems, developing a mod are. 🙂

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  1. My contribution, every CTDP member should write one 🙂

    A physicst, chemist and an engineer are given the task of making a race
    horse go faster. Each are given week to come up with a solution. After a week
    they return and the engineer is asked first.

    The engineer explains with interest, how a race horse will go faster with the
    implentation of various flick ups and vanes attached to the horse, like that
    seen on F1 cars, he presents his data and everyone is impressed.

    In turn, the Chemist explains how some drugs with specific molecular structure
    may be used, that once injected into the bloodstream before the race, would make
    the horse go faster. In addtion the drugs would not detactable. He present his data,
    everyone is impressed.

    Finally the physicst is asked to present his solution, “So what have you got ?”

    After some head scratching he says

    “It is hard to explain, but first of all, lets assume a spherical horse ..”

    On the challenge of developing realistic car physics, it is not easy for any
    f1 mod, and its everyday problems and limitations 🙂

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