Physics, so much work …

In response to the question, if the physics are based on the BMW07, Gonzo, one of our physics gurus wrote the following:

The beginning and first tests go back far more than a year. I did first tests shortly after releasing the last patches for the 2005 mod. We had our hands on the 2006 mod and the BMW07, it was a flowing process.

Michael and I worked sometimes apart from each other, sometimes together and we invited testers for the physics-test-team which supported us in our work.
You don’t develop towards a deadline, but you try to steadily improve, to collect and include real data. Always looking for things that are not “real” and to eliminate them, trying to get to the limits of rFactor1.

The 2006/2007 was the base, correct.
But it was just a start, ther is not much left from that physics.

We ve changed all and everything, tweaked all parts which are available in rfactor.

Some of the physics details:

  • correct suspension geometry for all cars
  • pre season physics
  • upgrade for all cars per track.


  • camber
  • pressure
  • wear
  • heating
  • slip angles


  • drafting/slipstream
  • wings
  • body
  • drag
  • rameffects


  • heating
  • torque
  • wear


  • rameffects
  • powercurves
  • wear
  • heating
  • boost maps


  • seemless shifing for some teams
  • more realistic gear ratios in setups


  • 27 types of michelin tires
  • 27 types of bridgestone tires
  • from supersoft (001(Monaco)) to superhard(009(Barcelona))
  • each with 3 subcategories: cold, warm, hot
  • you need to match the correct temp windows

and a lot more …

We continue to develop and improve the physics, soon we will reach the limits of rFactor, so we need new possibilities, which hopefully will come to us with rFactor2.

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22 thoughts on “Physics, so much work …”

  1. I can see that really so much work there … Keep up the work CTDP … Anyway, I don’t understand what is pre-season physic … Is it the default physic before tweaking ? Will the mod come with a good setup for the cars for each tracks on 2006 seasons ?

  2. Well, this time I’ll say: don’t put us in a hurry. Let us enjoy the 06 mod on rF1; it will make us forget about the fact we are not using rF2, I think. 😀

  3. The amount of work and details you guys are putting into this project is truly staggering, and promise to make this the best darn racing sim mod ever. I mean… unique and correct car shapes, textures, _and_ physics for each race of the season!!! Now I just can’t wait for it… and playing online 😀

    BTW I hope you guys release an F1 mod for RF2 also, maybe in a couple of years from today. If there are problems with the license for say 2009 or 2010 season, I would love to see the 2004 season since that was the best in terms of pure speed and performance in the history of F1; and Schumi dominated the opposition.

  4. Hi,
    I send CTDP an email but I’m not sure they received, so I post it here.

    In the CTDP 05 mod, there is a tbc file for the tyres.

    My question concerns tire pressure.

    There is one line in the tbc file, which is different in front and rear tires, which gives you 2 numbers to get the optimum tyre pressure.

    You need to multiply tyre load by the second number and then add the first number.

    The problem is that those optimum tire pressures are really strange, since I get 155 kPa for rear tyres and 120 or so for front tyres.

    This difference between front and rear makes the car really unstable.

    So my question is: Is the formula written above the right one, or is it completely false ?

    I hope the CTDP team will be albe to help me.

    PS: Here are the 2 lines that concern optimum tyre pressure in the tbc file (bridgestone):

    OptimumPressure=(65.0, 0.0220) // Base pressure to remain flat on ground at zero deflection, and multiplier by load to stay flat on ground

    OptimumPressure=(65.0, 0.0205) //


  5. tyre load is the weight in NEWTONS in a particular tyre. To get it, you would need to know how much your car weighs (fuel included) and take the percentage of that total weight in each tyre using the selected car-setup weight distribution. At first I thought that it had to do with the wheelbase and with where the centre of the gravity is, but I couldnt figure out these values, so I went for the Weight Distribution theory. I hope this helps and I also hope that CTDP can give me some light about the other theory (the wheelbase/CoG one)

  6. Well no,
    I simply use tyre load from the telemetry because it also depends on the aero charge and lots of other things.

    But my question is, is my formula right or not because it seems it is not right :s .

  7. Hi,
    1. I agree with Florian. Rear tire pressure looks unreal as well as temperatures in three parts of the tire. There is no way to adjust it (dealing with pressure or camber angle without sacrificing your lap time) to the numbers that F1 technicians are talking about. In real F1 world 110 kPa is the low number. Raising it to 130 kPa can often ruin the performance of the car.

    2. Perfect angle of the camber should warm in the average circuit corners outer and inner part of the rubber with the same Celsius amount. At straights inner part should warm faster. That gives the difference in about 7 to 10 Celsius after full lap at front and around 4 Celsius at rear.

    P.S Sorry for my English

    Thanks Adam

  8. I agree that CTDP05 is not perfect in some terms.
    It was our first mod for rf and my first physik job, we have a lot better and realer stuff done for ctdp06.

  9. Guys I know it’s kinda out of topic but i was just come and u are not making mods for gtr series?I have the sense that gtr have more possibilities, better AI, physics, animations(moving arms etc.)and the graphics engine is not far away from rfactor’s one.What do u think?

  10. From a personal view, I have played with that idea 😉

    Main issues: No plugins exist for the development tools we use. There are third party tools to get content into gtr 2 but they are limited in what you can do with shaders etc. Also Gtr 2 does not support an upgrade system and misses some features in physics e.g. engine boost settings.

    One could possibly get around the upgrade problem but it is rather clumsy.

    Pros: rain, better AI.

    While it is easy enough to get content into gtr 2, to get it to the standard I would like is another matter, however not impossible, but that would be a big project.

    In any case, we have no plans for this, we have enough on the go right now 🙂

  11. I wonder how I always end to continue OT in this blog.. GTR 2 is already anyway pretty oldish and it doesnt offer so much more, than rF. It have animated driver and also pitcrew(?), but graphics arent good as in rF.

    I did read MMG is going to try to stick F1 car to GTR Evo, wich offers nice fully animated cockpit (wich is in my opinion best one in all games till now), wet weather, better ai, animated driver etc, graphics good as in rF,.. As bonus compared to GTR 2 this game have open-wheel racing cars included already when buying it from shop and these handles really well and are extremely fun to drive. But also this game wouldnt support upgrades.

  12. I am so looking forward to this ! We all know graphics will be perfect, and i really hope physics will be, too.

    CTDP 05 physics implementation was according to my own interpretation pretty spot-on already in basically all aspects except tire modelling which unfortunatly ruins the sensation a bit.

    I was particulary happy with the suspension/chassi modelling which gives great feedback of weight transfer. It also allows the driver to induce oversteer by “throwing” the cars into corners, which is rarely seen in rFactor open-wheel mods. I think this was lost to some extent in the FBMW07 addon released.

    The FBMW07 however had better tire modelling with a more progressive slip implementation which made it possible to catch the car on oversteer and also made it possible to control the car on the thottle. This was close to impossible with CTDP05 where the car snapped/spun in unrecoverable fashion no matter how careful you were on the throttle or how fast you were with the wheel (As long massive amount of TC was not used).

    I have mixed default CTDP05 physics with a tweaked/balanced version of FBMW07 tires with a VERY satisfying result, although it feels a bit lonely as i cant race anyone online with it 😉

    This is just my own simple and humble reflections of in what direction i hope to see the physics developed. Keep up the good work guys, and take all your time you need with it!


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