32 thoughts on “Not in ashes”

  1. Ok, CTDP, admit now that this is the Monaco in your WIP shots of the Safety car cockpit 😉

    Looks stunningly stunning, you lift this game to an entire new level. This is the track that is needed the most, and you are the right guys to make it.

  2. AH how I wish you guys made an Albert Park and Monza as well. Yes Monaco and those two others are my favourite tracks in F1. Yes Monaco looks fabulous! Be proud! ;D

  3. I don’t think that the Monaco we could see in the safety car preview was this one: let’s wait for an official word, but this one seems to be tons of times better! 😉

  4. Ok, Uff, I bet you 10 bucks this is the one 😉 The cones at the trackside at the left in the safety car picture are there in these new shots (from virtualr.net) and the barriers look the same 🙂

  5. rF Release Dates
    MMG 07 PE V2 Oct 08
    MMG 07 SE V2 Oct 08
    07 Track Pack Oct 08
    MMG 08 SE V1 Spring 09
    MMG 08 PE V1 Spring 09

    ctdp2006,when release?

  6. How many time’s do we have to tell you people, we are a small team and don’t have the man power such as MMG and others have and our mod is X18 times bigger than that of MMG’s they’ve only had to create 11 cars we’ve had to create 11 cars with 198 different upgrades throughout the year also 198 different physics the list is endless but if you even knew a little about the amount of work it is to create this you wouldn’t be moaning.

  7. how is testing progressing? I really appreciate you guys keep us fed with all kinds of news, definately makes the wait easier. Although i would really like to know an updated progress status of your testing mayhem 🙂

  8. My biggest fear is that people who constantly nag for release will eventually exhaust the patience of modders. Who would then walk away and never create anything. That would be a truly frightening reality.

  9. we have 11 teams, each with 6-15 liviries, in 18 track configurations for 3 Dx-Mods in various qualities. We have a long list of things that will need to be tested and checked. Looooooong list.

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