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Gonzo recorded a “small” ingame video in full gaming resolution (1680*1050, 60fps). One lap in monza. The video-file is obviously very large, more than 800mb. It’s compressed with divx. I got some reports, the playing of the video doesn’t work. I tested with VLC and it run good. Due to the big resolution it may stutter during the first run. Let it run through and watch a second time, it should be smooth then.

Monza-Lap in full resolution (~800mb)

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  1. By god it’s beautiful 🙂 I’ve just watched it 5 or 6 times straight. And just so anybody won’t be concerned… CTDP are aware that there were no tobacco at Monza… Don’t worry.

  2. funny, we had people moaning, that we always use Ferrari, and why we don’t use any other cars. Actually, Gonzo just took the car, he had already selected, so rather by chance. Although I agree, I think Toro Rosso would have been great in this video, because then you’d see the detail, just love the car *gg*

  3. Looks great, thanks for the idea of putting up a hd-video. Overall quality is awesome, im sure the 2 years of wait where more than worth it.

    How is the testing and bug-hunting progressing?

    cheers and all the best,


  4. The person whom payes 50% of my internet is picky with the download limit, would anybody mind hosting atleast some of it on YouTube for me? Thankyou.

  5. My opinion is maybe bad. What is F1? Only nice cars, music and nice menu. I dont think so.Im nosy what will be new in CTDP 2006 except other mods, like FSONE and MMG…. Things like real pits, normal change wheels and people move…..
    Real qualification like in sezon 2006. real demange model, rain during race…. and more.
    I think its not posible make in rFactor. So you can make only nice car and menu and sound. This thinks have and FSONE and MMG. I don’t understand what you make soo long time guys.
    Maybe I mistake, but we will see. Sorry I wanted only to say my opinion.
    Sorry my english.

  6. @ Mester,

    I don’t want to speak for CTDP, but I’ll try to answer your question.

    As you correctly guessed, rFactor has limitations, and I believe animated pit crews and rain are two features not supported by rFactor and are therefore out of CTDP’s control.

    If you have a look through this development blog, you’ll see CTDP are striving for an extremely high level of accuracy and detail in all key aspects of the mod. On top of that they are introducing or further developing elements that we haven’t seen in previous mods.

    To reach the quality level CTDP are aiming for, considerable development time is required, it’s as simple as that.

    In fact given their goals, the development rate has been very good in my opinion, as has the professionalism, all of which we get some insight into through this blog.

    As I said, have a look through the blog; you will see the amount of work that has been, and continues to be invested.


  7. 658
    So what I can do? Only wait fot the mod. And after we will who have true. I hope that you will be have true. I want only best mod F1 and oll rules. rFactor is platform a lot of mods. Maybe rFactor 2 will be bether. We can wait and for codemaster F1 game next year.

  8. Yes, we can wait for Codemasters game, but in the meantime why not driving with a mod that has cure for the detail in every single thing the team did? I mean: who cares about animations and similar things. They can’t be done in rF, end of the story. For sure it would be good th have them, but I prefer to keep my concentration on the driving side of the thing: we should be supposed to drive, not to watch a copule of arms moving. 😉

  9. FOV in Cockpit is unrealistic…looks like the driver sits in engine and he doesn’t see the front of him in good degree…this is not looking good, fortunatelly easy to change w/o mismatching…how sad i have to change it on every openwheel mod…i’ve been actually sitting in F1.07 and this is my base…

  10. I’m sure i’m not gonna love this mod more than MMG’s, at least not as much as the huge development time this is taking. I think it wont be worth… it’s a pitty.

    Anyway… sounds are absolutely horrible, and the same about cockpits. You should check these things… bye

  11. “i’ve been actually sitting in F1.07 and this is my base…” Yeah and in fact I was driving Ferrari #1 at Valencia GP

  12. This is funny, you heard one car (every car has it’s own sounds) and only one of the three soundssets and you already can judge “sounds are absolutely horrible”. This is simply fantastic!

  13. I just played CTDP F1 2005 after a long time and really enjoyed it, not only did it look great, but you can feel what the car is going to do next.. it’s still the best F1 mod IMHO. Can’t wait for F1 2006.. I think it’s going to be the pinnacle of any F1 game until CTDP releases another for rF2 😀

  14. I’m rediscovering CTDP 05 too: I learned something more about car setup and now I can drive these cars better than before, bringing me even more satisfaction! 😉

  15. I wouldn’t listen to all the negitive feedback. Just continue working away. I rather enjoyed the video. Only advice or comment I have is that I am not a fan of the cockpit head shaking thing. Other then that, it looks good.

  16. Well the ‘Waiting Preparation Kit’ never arrived, but a few new mods helped the pain at least a tiny bit.

    But I have reached a point now where I click on the site every morning, hoping to see the words “CTDP 2006 AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD NOW!” – but it never happens.

    I have even had a nightmare that I checked one morning and it read “CTDP Regrets to inform that CTDP 2006 has been purchased by a software house, and will not be made available!”

    I’m starting to worry 😀

  17. I’ve been wondering, correct me if I’m wrong but in the first chicane I see the steering wheel rotating in a 180° angle. I’ve been looking to do this for my game, but I just can’t find where we can modify it. Hope CTDP can help me 🙂

    Keep up the good work, this mod is stunning and I can’t wait to have it in my game.


  18. controller ini.
    Steering Wheel Range=”450″ // Degrees of rotation of in-game steering wheel

    i used 450 C for that video.
    450 C for my G25 in the drivers and 450 in the conroller.ini

  19. well, Phil who do you think you are???

    you do NOTHING and you want to be respected, you say that you wont listen to negative things

    give feedback here

    yes, for two years and maybe another one…
    i don’t like the cockpits and the sounds.

    one mate that i dunno if he’s alive now cuz he has almost 4 months to log in, have made full 2008 pack of ULTRA-REALISTIC f1 sounds, in just a week, and the ‘ultra professionals that do quality’ can’t do good sounds

    overall the mod looks good but i can’t say that for the sounds and the cockpits

    also i see CTDP as ferrari fans, they always concentrate at the ferrari car, they make it better than all, and the renault is always bad made

    i think cause alonso-renault owned ferrari in 2006, thats why

    anyway, i suggest you CTDP mates, to stay and see what i write and try to make the mod better

    If the 2006 mod was made in 3 years, so when to expect the 2007 mod? when we’ll all live in mars xD ?

  20. ok, sorry
    i insulted cause i saw some replies from CTDP guys that told something to another man that posted here..

    and about phil sousa im right to insult him, he critisize all while he does nothing..

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