14 thoughts on “New screenshots”

  1. I should sit here with a stopwatch, catch the time you need to respond to a new blog entry and when you are need longer than the average time, I’d complain and make fun of you for being so slow. If only I had the time to be more nerdy *gg*

  2. Wonderful Renders!! Thanks for all your effort and time to make this… I wish one day, Formula One comes back to Mexico… Greetings from Mexico City!!!!

  3. Wow, impressive shots… The texture is certainly very high quality … Anyway, I have some small questions, I don’t know whether it had been mention elsewhere, but is there a possibility that CTDP will include helmet view ? And with the current rfactor engine, is it there is no possibility to see realistic tyre punctual ?

  4. It looks so awesome I can’t believe it. When rFactor 2 comes out, with rain and all included, rFactor will become the best F1 simulator ever.

  5. Nevermind that. The quality of the CTDP mods makes waiting for them almost a joy!

    Ya of course the screenies are great guys, and I feel like a kid near Christmas time lol 😉

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