House cleaning

One job has to be done every now and then. Now I don’t mean this little bit of project management and the regular question “what are you dooooing?” and “any news?”. I mean the job of working through the repositories and cleaning up the mess that collects over time. We have 15 gb of source material: texture, models, all this stuff. However this cleaning up is actually fun, because working through the archives, the old sources, brings up memories …

And so I browse through my files and find relics of 8 years of modding. Material from my RaceCar-team, and the first cars at CTDP. In November 2003 I joint the team, 3 months later I was fully integrated and since then I have been painting, creating artworks, managing the websites and all the rest.

Jaguar 2003, Jordan 2003, Jaguar 2004, Williams 2004, BAR 2004, Wiliiams 2004b, Minardi 2004, BAR 2005, Minardi 2005, Sauber 2005, Red Bull 2005, Toyota 2005, BMW Sauber 2006, Toyota 2006, Toro Rosso 2006, McLaren 2006, were my cars in the last mods in that order.

Interesting note on the Jaguar/Redbull-cars. Jaguar 2003 was modeled by Marco ‘BMWFan’ Büttner and was my first car to paint for CTDP, because they were desperately lacking a texture artist and Andy convinced me after 2 months of begging. I painted this model, I painted the Jaguar 2004, which was based on this model. Same with Redbull and Toro Rosso, which were both further developed models based on the original 2003 model. Of course heavily modified, I did so much work on the modell over the years, that today I claim to be co-author. 🙂Jaguar model over the years

This comparison shows you the development over the years, note the face count, which doubled itself. For the count I didn’t include the suspensions and any damal-model-interior, which is included in the F1C-version of the car.

Together with my fantasy cars, this adds up to 51 cars. I feel like a modding grandpa now.

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2 thoughts on “House cleaning”

  1. It’s a sort of evolution that brings us the chance to have better things as the technoloy and your skills improve: and they both seem to have progressed quite well during the years! 😉

  2. Yes very well 🙂

    Funny little comparison where the development can be showed both for your and BMWFan’s work but also the evolution of the Jag/Red Bull car.

    Nice little “article” there. 😉

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