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Like we did for 2005, we will release all templates of the cars. I prepared them back then and I’m preparing the new ones right now. Personally I think the templates for 2005 were already quite complete, the templates as well as the documentation. There are few things to address, but I wanted to ask here, if there are any things, I should consider. If there are things I should adress in the documentation, I should write about.

Questions or answers are welcome.

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5 thoughts on “Feedback for templates”

  1. Actually I think that the templates really need a documentation on how to to get the 3d models to be pre-viewed while painting the car – kinda like I was used to do with zmodeler and GP4 cars, the painting was quicker in this way because I could quickly check how it was progressing. with rFactor i would have to load it several times after each change… *sighs*

  2. Also I agree with Bruno.

    And I pretty much havent found any other program than Zmodeler wich wud work even on my laptop.

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