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Ok, this one is half-official, half-personal interest.

For some time I was looking for good decentralised encrypted online storage provider. About 2 weeks ago, I finally found a system, that met my expectations and it opened up even some new possibilites. Namely a possible new way for file distribution. I don’t want to advertise the system, however I’d like to get some feedback if this approach makes sense to pursue and how it would work for you.

Anyway, we won’t rely on just one technique for the upcoming release, but try to balance the load on several servers and severals technical solutions.

The system I found is called Wuala and is basically a Peer-to-Peer-Network. It’s aim is to give a very easy to use system for encrypted private online file storage, for sharing with registered friends and for public distribution. You have 1Gb online storage to upload your files. Those are encrypted locally with your registered key, then split into chunks, which are uploaded and distributed throughout the network. The networkcloud holds the chunks and without your key, nobody can reassemble and decrypt the files.

So much theory, it is possible to set up the visibilty of folders, that were uploaded. They can be displayed and files can be downloaded. And now for the interesting part. This doesn’t require registration.  On the one hand, we are speeking of a stand-alone application in which you browse through your storage. On the other hand, this application can be run through the web (Java …) and doesn’t require you install it permanently.

Now some hands own, I created a group for CTDP and uploaded just some example stuff. So you can try it out. I’d like to know if this could work for a mod release scenario.

Here you can download the BMW07 (of course we know everybody got it, but just for a test ;))


And here I made a folder with all my GP4-car-addons, which aren’t available for download on many sites anymore:


So what do you think?
Please also post if you have technical difficulties, it’s not that we can fix them, but also helps considering the system.

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23 thoughts on “Distribution methods”

  1. I tried to download some files and everything seems to work fine.
    I just had to install a little Java plugin, but that’s fine (many sites require a certificate to work properly).
    To me Wuala seems a good thing, but remember to write a little “How to download the mod from here” if you choose this way: I know that you just have to click one link and then choose “Save As”, but you should already know that Internet is full of people with limited skills too (because they are not used to PC world, I mean). 😉

  2. I may have missed it, but what is the main advantage to such a program? What gains would it make by having it on Wuala, compared to the ordinary file sharing website? You said that it makes it easier to host files, how much easier compared to others and why?

  3. Atm we have 4 ways to distribute data:
    1. the traditional http-server, that mirrors a file. This is the most easy because you click a link and it downloads. However the load on the server during release is much higher and especially with large files and a large number of people trying to download the servers can break quickly.
    2. Commercial File hosters, which either are paid or have advertising and in both cases very often annoying. In this case the files are still on a traditional server, except in a larger system, but it still doesn’t guarantee speed and availabilty.
    3. Torrents: Perfect, the more people are downloading ans seeding the quicker it goes. Unlike the Server it’s decentral and the programm manages to collect all chunks.
    4. Wuala, also decentral, so chunks aren’t downloaded from one place, but are collected from the network.

    Decentral systems have the advantage, that they are better in scaling and specially constructed for large files and heavy download loads.

  4. Wauw… That went surprisingly well. I downloaded with 500 kb/s.

    If it can deliver that speed when 50 or 100 are downloading – well that would be stunning. And maybe too much to hope for?

  5. I think it will work quite well.

    Did you say that you would spread the duty out when the release is up?

    Putting link on Rapidshare, Mega, media (so on) + your own http-server and then Wuala too?

  6. As much as possible should be handled by the torrent. Later we add 3-4 http-servers. We acknowledge people who uploade to mega or rapidshare or this kind, though I won’t put that links on the website, they can spread in forums. Wuala could be the 4rth addition.

  7. Okay great… I gues your mod can’t even be hosted on most upload-sites cause it is too big in size. I hope Wuala will work in a good way and that you will use it, cause I have some problems sometimes with the torrentprograms.

  8. Could you not contact someone from a site like Gamershell and ask for hosting? They have great servers and are always reliable.

  9. Hi there!! the first link works fine, the second send me to a yahoo page!!! WTF??? Using IE7 and java updated. 🙂

  10. Wuala is an interesting application, it reminds me a bit of the Airset file management system that I use for work.

    In terms of usage, I tried the first link (BMW 07) yesterday and it didn’t work for me. It updated Wuala, but the application window itself never opened. I tried both links again today and they worked.

    Once in the application I selected a file and specified “Download” from the list of options, which downloaded it, but I couldn’t figure out where to exactly. I then tried “save as” which is straight forward, and I saved it to my desktop sucessfully. Download speed is just above average (around 100k/s).

    I’d agree with previous posts; if you choose this method you should outline the usage process. I can forsee the various warnings from my Firewall (Zone Alarm), the application update process, and the interface of the application, could make some users uncomfortable.

    Having said all that, it seems like an effective option for hosting/downloading.


    (Specs: ADSL2+ connection, IE7, Avast Antivirus, Zone Alarm, latest Java version.)

  11. I’m using Wuala for hosting some of the videos I took at some of the concert I went and people seem to be able to download them with no problems: thank you for letting me discover this beautiful thing. 😀
    If someone has problem, this is the link for the latest Java JRE version: http://www.java.com/it/download/index.jsp

    It points to the Italian version, but probably it will automatically redirect you to your version. 😉

  12. I was downloading some files from a friend of mine on MSN, when I noticed a “strange” link called Windows Live SkyDrive: it seems to be the same as Wuala, but maybe you can think about it too! 😉

  13. Race2Play would be happy to handle the distribution. We have numerous HTTP servers with unlimited bandwidth. We just released the NAGT mod with over 26,000 downloads off our HTTP servers… no problems. Zero cost to CDTP of course.

    Anyway, the offer is there and you do not have to deal with these odd distribution methods.

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