Bugs to hunt down

We are currently busy hunting down bugs. While the physics test are still running, we collect bug reports and fix them. Just to give you a small sense of this, here a screenshot of our today’s bug tracking screen.

So with more than 100 liveries (or is it 150?) and trackvariants, there is a lot of potential for bugs and we put a lot of effort in getting them.

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16 thoughts on “Bugs to hunt down”

  1. That’s what sets CTDP apart from the others, you guys caring about your work, your pride in your work. You guys could’ve of easily have released the mod without the bug check, but of course then people would of complained. So a very well done to the CTDP team, for having great pride in your work and trying to release as complete a mod as possible, without any bugs etc., and I’m sure it shall be great. πŸ™‚

  2. Uhm, I think I should write better my previous comment: it would have been better to say “it will be great” instead of “it would be great”. I have no doubt in the fact that we won’t have to test the mod, but we will only have to concentrate on the driving side! πŸ˜‰

  3. Hello CTDP guys,

    concerning tracks – maybe you could recommend us which tracks(I mean from which creator) will work best with your mod and which ones to download

    Thank you

  4. We did it the other way round, some time ago, we asked for a long and complete list of which tracks to consider and support. We have most of this tracks during testing and the mod will support them. Of course what we can’t do is fix bugs, that are provoked by the track. I don’t know if there are anything, but if the track is buggy, it’s up to the author to fix this.

  5. Thanks for quick reply,

    I know this all but my question was more like this – letΒ΄s say for Sepang – Will CTDP recommends for Sepang Circuit track from XY(author – creator) or YY? Because there could be lot of different Sepang tracks


  6. There is a file in the mod that specifies the tracks we were aware of, used to specify what upgrades should be used for each track, so that will tell you. It lives in each of the Team folders. That is not a guarantee however they all work well, given what Dahie already. But we wont recommend preferences as such in our manual, or at least, nothing like has been discussed so far.

    Each of us here sometimes have different preferences when i comes to that anyway.

  7. Good luck hunting all those pesky bugs down. I’m sure the mod will be at least 99.9% perfect, since you worked so hard on it…

    And good luck as well for the 1994 mod as soon as you can get back on it.

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