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First of all, sorry for delay on posting news on the devblog.

We were quite busy working on the mod the last few weeks. I was working on the Safety Car cockpit. The cockpit is ingame now while Shaun is working on the textures. Erale, who did the DTM 2007 mod, will do the rev gauges for us (thanks for that!). Alex (afborro) is working on the new driverbody for the mod and some stuff to increase the performance of the mod (new lod’s etc.)

Now to the most important point of the mod, physics. We are at about 90% and we’re doing intensive testing now. Each weekend we’re racing 2 50% races on 2006 tracks to gain the data we need for the physics.Β  We finished the Races on Melbourne and Imola last weekend so you can calculate when we’re about to finish. It’s possible that we do more tests after the betatest season is completed but we’ll keep you updated about that.

Another point we’re thinking about is a PSE (public server edition). It’s not a version of the mod with equal physics for each car (like MMG did). It is an installation for the dedicated servers. There you have only the really needed files, e.g. no car textures etc. to get a smaller installation for the dedicated servers.Β  But we’re not sure if there is really need for it. So comments on this point are more than welcome.

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  1. tzjacky: shut up.

    Great news. Is there a way to get a betatester? I would really help you by testing it and giving tips to you.

  2. I think everyone would like to be ctdp beta tester , so am I.
    But I dont think it’s possible… πŸ™

  3. 2 races during weekends, can u call that intensive testing???just make physics as in 2005 and release it, im waiting a year and a half for 2006 season…..

  4. I preffer not to be released a PSE, because it will be more difficult to understand to nearly all people, trust me.

  5. @matthew1991
    There is a life, a real life that is always more important than developing mods. Most of us are working, studying or even better: they have a family to care about.
    We race in the morning at 10 o’clock CET so there are things I would more prefer to do at this time but we are working on the mod: if that’s not enough for you it’s your problem!
    I guess you’re right.

  6. Then, you maybe will release mod in 3 or 4 months, this could be the time to complete the full 2006 season in weekends and after do more test in physics.

    It’s incredible!!!

  7. Some comments are really crazy and makes me wonder why CTDP are still so gentle to keep us updated about what their doing. Unbelievable.

    Thanks for the update: it’s time to finally have a Formula 1 mod, not a mixture of cars with similar physics and different shapes. Keep it up! πŸ˜‰

  8. @CTDP CoDan, so why do you say “intensive testing”
    just say you dont care that people are waiting over 2 years, and nobody even got a beta or something like that….to actually see the progress….

  9. Matthew shut your mouth and go playing FSONE 2006,
    For quality you have to wait look at FSONE and MMG there you see what happens when releasing an unfinished mod.

    Continue your great work CTDP and take your time.

  10. go playing???wtf, learn eng, brother πŸ˜€
    im saying that it might not worth it to wait 2 years!!!!i reckon i could do a mod in 2 years, even though i dont know where to start, im currently playin CTDP 2005 and it is brilliant, i see no point in changing physics too much, 2005’s is amazing, so dont change it and release it at the end of july….

  11. @matthew1991
    Well for someone who has to think twice for what he uses his spare time is that intensive πŸ˜‰

    We have this blog for updating everyone who is interested in our work but it has it’s limits: noone will get a beta, you should be happy that we try to keep you up-to-date but no, that’s not enough, some people always cry “beta, beta”. To be honest: that’s the part of modding that sucks!

    We wanted to create a better mod than CTDP05, better in every aspect and yes, it took more time than even we thought but that’s how it is and we would not be CTDP if we would stop working until all we wanted to add is added πŸ˜‰

    Next thing is when we would have released a beta: everyone would try to fix bugs on it’s own and what would happen? missmatches over missmatches. Physic isn’t ready yet, we work as fast as we can so please: Let us do what we love to do! And let us do it our way πŸ˜‰

  12. Please, CoDan, dont even try to think that im being disrespectful to you and whole CTDP community, i am frustrated sometimes, and im sorry if i said something “nasty”, that was my anger…just keep letting us know how the testing is going


  13. Matthew: We understand that everyone wants to play asap but at least from our point of view: it’s worth the time πŸ™‚

    Nice to hear that you like the 2005-physics but the cars where different in 2006. For us isn’t important that everyone likes the physics, it’s important that they as realistic as possible πŸ˜‰

  14. i heard that, there will be upgrades for every car before every GP that will change the cars’ physics and handling, is that true???

  15. And this is the quality CTDP stands for. And this quality beats everything ISI, Codemaster, EA and all Modding groups like MMG. It would be really great if there would be more guys like CTDP. In the beginning when FSONE 2006 came out i was also frustrated but then i saw the shit that was released by FSONE and saw the quality done by CTDP.
    I think its said that we cant get a Beta tester cause i dont anything about modding itself so i couldnt fix anything on my self but testing the physics more frequently cause i have vacations.

    Continue your great work guys.

  16. I don’t think that there is any F1 game so detailed that the car physics change for each track. This feature should be great. It will be tricky to set the car up at different tracks. I hope it’s not too time consuming though. Are there more modders working on CTDP2006 than there were on CTDP2005?

  17. being a league admin myself, i can say for our league, a kind of stripped down version of the mod would very useful to us. it may not be something you need to promote on rfactor central, but maybe as a private thing that leagues could request, or just have the dload link on your site rather than on rfc … but its definitely a great idea, i hope you go through with it.

    keep up the fantastic work *<{:0)

  18. If I understand. You must test mod on 14 tracks. It’s 7 weeks. So maybe in september or later we can drive too in F1 2006.
    Some people wont good mod, free mod, wont more, wont now !
    I waiting long and I can wait more if that mod will by good. I belive will be !
    Thanks for status report. It’s enough.

  19. Yes there is 7 more week of testing. As Andy says, it does not mean the mod will be here in 7weeks time. It depends if further testing will be required or not, of which we’ll update you on πŸ™‚

  20. OMG Seven weeks, i cannot stop laughing, screw CTDP, im not waiting anymore, not my WIP watch anymore, bye bye

  21. get some more testers, when i asked u said you had more than enough….we can really see that…in ur progress….Well done…

  22. @Matthew

    Sure, testing at 10am is really easy. A week has got 7 day, so why testing only at the weekend?

    Great that you leave.
    But you’re one of the first downloading the released mods if it’s out.

  23. Nope, i have been waiting for this mod over a year now, coz im creating a league and i was going to use CTDP 2006, but i cannot spend 7 weeks more, ill have to use other mod.They said that they are testing only at weekends, which is rather odd, for company as big as CTDP, its holiday so the should test preety much everyday, secondly, once i sent an email with request to be a tester, and the replied that they have more testers than they need…..

  24. We are not a company?! WTF. To be honest i give a shit on you. PPL asked us for a status update, here it is. Now you’re complaining about our methods without any clue. I said we do the testraces on weekends to gain data. We’re training and evaluating the physics during the week to prepare everything for the race at the weekends. What the hell !??!? So why don’t you go outside, play hide and go fuck yourself?

  25. One tester cant do the work of a whole team so get your ass out of of hear and use FSONE or what ever. CTDP is the best and they are the best and good things need time.
    Yes i would like to be a tester for CTDP just to have a small part of this great project, but they have testers they trust and that are tested themselve. I wouldnt test under week when i am working i would also test on the weekend..

  26. Matthew1991…

    get a life, a girlfriend or something you can spend 7 weeks on… it’s a game for god’s sake! you can’t pressure them to release their work because it’s a hobbie for them, they won’t get payed for it…

    so shut up, try not to be an idiot and listen to yourself… you said you’d leave… then LEAVE!…

    Leave please, and start moddeling your own season. You said you’d finish it in 2 years… You’ll have more than 7 weeks to work on it πŸ˜‰


    Just reading here… xD but that guy got on my nerves! sorry!

  27. After ur post i see that ur head is a little fucked up…why have you started to swear??!!!
    OMG, is ur playground closed???if it is, jump the fence….

  28. @Matthew, your post to Neidryder is out of order, ok he did swear but you provoked him so If I was you I would apologise as you have gotten personal in your latest comment now which is just out of line.

    I know the CTDP guys are spending as much time on this as they can, you have to acknowledge the fact that these guys are just ordinary guys like most of us. Some work full time, some study full time and some have families to take care of and maintaining the house. So just think about it when these guys give up BOTH of their weekend mornings to do the Races.

    I see in your name its 1991, which I can only assume its the year you were born, if so then you are still at 16 or 17 where you are impatient for amazing things to come out for the games you love (for those who are older than that age will have been there and done that ;))

    All I can say is that, if you can’t wait any longer for CTDP 06 then you will have to accept it isn’t going to be released now. With you bitching on this post isn’t going to make the mod be delivered any quicker and it also makes u look like a bit of a plank aswell, without wanting to sound insulting to you but you aint doing yourself any favours.

    I see you said you want to forget about CTDP and leave completely then its your choice, your free to leave and with the things you’ve said it looks like you wont be missed either.

    Think carefully for your next post…..if there is one…..

  29. Thanks for the updates ctdp! i can’t wait to test the Renault with the mass damper, and then with out one.. it will bring a whole new level to the game.

    One question, if you do not mind. Will players be able to choose which track upgrade to use? or will i only be able to use the China spec Renault at china, and the Imola renault at Imola and so on.

  30. Matthew, are you still here? Didn’t you have a league to start?
    If you can’t wait, then don’t wait: there are a lot of other mods you can play in the meantime.
    I’m glad that at least this time we won’t be “treated” as betatester, as CTDP decided to take the biggest (whole?) part of the work on their shoulder.
    Now, let them work in peace: they’re not robots and have all the rights to enjoy their life too.

  31. wtf matthew, you are the same as in rfactorcentral? (matthewtheboy).. first, i dont think ctdp is so big company, i dont know exactly but i would guess its about 10(or under) people who are interested to do f1 mod(FOR FREE!).. plus beta testers of course and i think almost everyone of us(readers of this blog) would like to be one of them.. some of us could give good feedback and others maybe not but they have choicen their beta testers so there is no point asking to be one(i cant see what was so wrong in their answer that they have more of them than they need?).. but i dont see what is the point, you have your league where you need f1 mod(and to be honest, i cant imagine driving in league hosted by someone as childish as you), then get some of the ready ones or DO IT YOURSELF.. these guys doesnt have ANY duty to do anything and i think thats very rude to talk like they would own you something when they are willing to use their spare time to get the mod in public.. im very happy for this detailed announcement even when i thought that release would be closer(but that was only my too OPTIMISTIC thoughts).. but i can live with it and everyone else should too, i cant believe why some of the people cant understand that they are doing everything just because they want to, not because they get paid for their HARD work(actually i hope they get at least something via donations).. you are acting like jerk, i cant say anything else than stop writing these comments and let them do their “job”.. for all in CTDP: ignore those bastards and use as much time as you need, we know it will be best F1 mod ever and we will be very grateful for your hard work!

  32. There was video with Shumi and Alonso at the end of video , and there was written : “How it will end?”
    So , my question is the same :)? Show us please πŸ˜€

  33. Hello, please CTDP take ur time, but make it boefore 2012, thats the end of the world….
    2010, december, maybe???

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