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First of all, sorry for delay on posting news on the devblog.

We were quite busy working on the mod the last few weeks. I was working on the Safety Car cockpit. The cockpit is ingame now while Shaun is working on the textures. Erale, who did the DTM 2007 mod, will do the rev gauges for us (thanks for that!). Alex (afborro) is working on the new driverbody for the mod and some stuff to increase the performance of the mod (new lod’s etc.)

Now to the most important point of the mod, physics. We are at about 90% and we’re doing intensive testing now. Each weekend we’re racing 2 50% races on 2006 tracks to gain the data we need for the physics.  We finished the Races on Melbourne and Imola last weekend so you can calculate when we’re about to finish. It’s possible that we do more tests after the betatest season is completed but we’ll keep you updated about that.

Another point we’re thinking about is a PSE (public server edition). It’s not a version of the mod with equal physics for each car (like MMG did). It is an installation for the dedicated servers. There you have only the really needed files, e.g. no car textures etc. to get a smaller installation for the dedicated servers.  But we’re not sure if there is really need for it. So comments on this point are more than welcome.

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  1. quote from my old post: “i think “Server Edition” is really good idea(why anyone havent done this before?-) ), althought it could confuse someone but one suggestion is that you would release it only in CTPD site where it can be found by league admins and not confusing players in like rfactorcentral..”

    i just wanted to say i meant “public server edition” (version with files needed by dedicated server only) not server edition with same physics..

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