25 thoughts on “Safety Car cockpit part .. whatever!”

  1. Nice job guys!
    Can you update us on how m,any things are left before you finish the mod? πŸ™‚
    The 2005 is a bit oldish and I want to get my steeringwheel into this πŸ™‚

  2. Very nice. Since I do indeed drive one I’ll say your dash is impressive. Can’t wait to drive my own car in rFactor… my wife’s gonna think I’m really nuts now!!

  3. when its ready dont you get it in your mind. Take a llok at f1.08 released by MMg or MMg2007 there you see what happens whe releasing too early in not the best quality.

  4. Someone could say something about physics status, I think. Mod will be released with basics setups for each car and each track?

  5. @ By Sinfin on Jul 3, 2008

    LOL , then you wont be able to play this mod , because on year 2012 will be doomsday πŸ˜€ ( if someone hears this information first time , then search on google , or youtube for year 2012 , Nibiru, doomsday … )

  6. Lol , dont believe that there will be doomsday.
    It’s everything made up to earn money.
    There are many websites about that , and now they are selling books , T shirts , pencils and cups with year 2012 πŸ˜€ Thats stupid. For me 2012 doomsday is just a joke that i can use to fear some peoples who haven’t heard about this crap πŸ˜€

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