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  1. i can’t, i only have skype at work ๐Ÿ˜‰ “andyctdp” is my searchname if you want to contact me… *gg*

  2. Boring, we want a release! Please stop making high qualtiy mods and begin to make middle quality mods but halfway actually! Who want to play this mod when it’s released at the end of the actually f1 season? And when anyone say i should be quite, when you ask me then i say that the mmg mod is more better then the ctdp’s and its released and has the season 07!

  3. Very very nice work guys. I especially like how you guys added the rear view mirror stuff on the TV Screen on the dash, very very clever. In all its looking very good guys, great job. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Just like you wanted me to, SinfinRox, i’m going to tell you to be quiet. Everybody here has been waiting for this mod for some time, it probably wouldn’t go too far if i said longer than you have been. The 1979 mod has recently been at the top of Rfactor Central’s popularity list – and that’s set almost 30 years in the past, who is really going to decide they don’t like the mod at all because it’s 2 years ago?

    Onto my questions, are the buttons over the dashboard going to be in higher detail than in that picture? I respect that that’s a JPEG file and the detail goes down considerably in them, but are they going to be clearly read by the person in the SC camera? It’s details like that which people notice alot more. You could probably take a wheel off the safety car and people would notice the dash board quality before noticing it has 3 wheels.

    Will the camera inside the safety car slow the performance of the game? Although my computer isn’t particularly ‘lower-end’ i seem to remember that i’ve seen the ‘mirror’ (having mirors turned on to reflect the room it’s in) option on The Sims 2 cripple the gameplay of that particular game. Is it going to be actual footage of the race track, or just a camera on the back of the safety car? IE an in-built popup on the dashboard which shows what’s behind the car, or a mirror of what’s behind the vehicle.

    And final,
    Will the Safety Car be drivable or will it just be a camera you can watch whilst the safety car is on-track? I assume you can’t actually get a person to drive the safety car online, but maybe it would be possible to set the safety car as one of the drivable cars (I don’t personally know why you would want to).

    Just one more, actually.
    Would it be possible for CTDP to include a system inside of the SUPERADMIN powers to bring the safety car out of the pits and onto the track? Or is that something that cannot be built into rFactor?

  5. Also many People were saying last seyson of Schumi a “historical” season. And this mod is HQ and HQ takes time its only something around one year longer then MMG 2007 cause MMG isnt finished yet and has not that detailed physics. So i believe the year longer is sad but ok for such a mod.

  6. Alright, PLEASE tell me you will release the Monaco track when the mod is released? I’ve seen previous screens of your Monaco, and I can see that it yours in the picture!

  7. Remember there’s only like 5 if us working on this, were not a big team so everything takes longer ๐Ÿ˜‰

    To answer some questions, Yes the safety car will be driveable by the player, for online you can not allow people to use the safety car in your server if you wish by removing the car from the allowed car list in the server setup. Everything will be HQ inside the cockpit of the safety car so all the buttons will be readable , as you can tell there is blurring on some of the interior so that’s going to be remapped and i’ll redo it, the current shots are early WIP shots for the first test of it.

    We are all working hard to get this completed and may even have a few small surprises on release ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hold on a little longer guys were getting there…..slowly ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thanks, Shaun

  8. btw, kinda off-topic and not about the SC car, but also thanks to the people/beta testers, who report bugs in our bugtracker, they are doing a good job, but these issues, albeit mostly small ones, take time to fix, it has to be done, while our safety car is massaged into a final product by NeidRyder and WHAT21A. I am fixing some of these reported bugs, we still get a few every day.

    I am also slowly finishing our driver model bit by bit, in between, he is a clever but slightly stubborn fellow as I am using a boned rig approach, so this driver is adaptable. that took a little time to learn on my part. but it means he can be readily fitted to any car, sit more upright, stretch his arms etc without having to adapt or remodel him for different vehicles, so he is kind of future proof. but I had to redo/learn bits as I went through this and, stil doing that. I had an earlier version in the car already last week ingame, but reworking some areas.

    The driver model will also serve useful if in the future if a platform were to support animations like you see in race, gtr2, gtl etc. so you can have moving arms. Enough of my rant for the day ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. It’s always a pleasure to read your rant, Alex! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Seeing a team that also wants to experiment new things makes me smile. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Only 5 work for this, Amazing. I cant imagine if 350 guys have talent like you (CDTP) work in codies .I think its will booming F1 SIM ever. ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. My dear CTDP colleagues.. the left mirror is mirroring the right side, not the left (at least, in my rF)

    I’ve never seen a cockpit so detailed. Good work those involved on it.

  12. Cockpit looks amazing :D, the carbon fibre effect is a nice touch where the monitor is ;).

    BTW, it was mentioned a while ago in the other posts. Will the car have a normal Road Mercedes steering wheel in the final release rather than a Momo?

    Keep it up ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. I really dont know why u give us some random pic of SC, hardly anyone is going to drive it…..ever…..

  14. Atleast I will. I remember in F1c lots of people did unlock safety and medical cars.. And if watching on RFC there is pretty many people who likes street, touring and gt cars,.. So if this car will hanle well, why on earth people wouldnt drive it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. And another question in relation to the safety car.

    Will there be pedals inside the car? If so, will they move in respect to the amount of power you put into the pedal/keyboard? IE if you put your foot half the way down, will the pedal go down half way?

  16. Just a last comment.. for now.

    Not to poke holes in what CTDP are saying when they say that there are 5 people working on this mod.. But why are there so many names if you go to http://www.ctdp.net/crew.html ? Unless i wasn’t paying attention early in my schooling years, that’s more than five. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. That list is out of date mostly – and modellers & textures have moved onto other projects as they have nothing left to do on the 2006 mod.

    Whata – mainly does texture fixes/bugs
    Andy – mainly does S/C + other fixes
    afborro – mainly does the LOD’s + other fixes
    Speed 12 and Arioch – mainly updates the physics + other fixes
    Daniel – software updates to control centre.

    That is off the last 6weeks that I can see who have uploaded and updated to the mod regularly.


    Pedal movement… I’m 99% sure this cannot be done in rFactor at the moment and the reason it was in Simbin games was that was part of the additions to the ISI engine.

    @CTDP Fan – Don’t come here if you don’t want to see screenshots of the S/Car. Its not all revolving around you, some wish to use the safety car for there leagues as a human safety car.

    @IWE – Thanks for the idea of the Medical car. I’ll get right onto Andy now ^^

  18. Okay that’s enough already. Why would anyone want to drive a medical car? A safety car is one thing, it looks cool and could be very fun to race with, but a medical car… come on. I’ve never complained about the release dates of mods, but this is really pushing it.

  19. Agree completely with you, Fred. It sounds very unnecessary..

    Maybe the team could add a jenny, then someone can remove the crashed cars aswell!

  20. accept you forgot Ryan, I am working on driver model now :P.

    About the steering wheel, we may change that, it just so happened that at some point there was a different idea about the interior making it more like the internals of a DTM car, the steering wheel I already did at that point, so that’s what we have now. I may redo do it, time permiting, but wont quarentee it.

    It’s a minor, but I agree that a native merc wheel would be nicer, but we got to finish it one day too ๐Ÿ˜‰

    @Fred, Andry

    As we already explained, even if we didn’t do these things while other bits are in progress, it wouldn’t delay or speed up the release date, so we do them because people ask for things like the drivable SC.

    Watch out, becuase before you know it, we may show you WIP shots of our track helicopter ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. CTDP Fan
    You should care about your league and not about us. Ah and you should write with the name you used in other comment threads, writing with two names is childish.
    Maybe some of you guys didn’t get the point: making a medical car was irony

  22. Oh please do a medical car…
    And how about a “pit crew mode”? Some league could use 5 members as mechanics for the ultimate pit stop realism!

    I cant wait for driving in the adrenaline blood rush Safety car mode. How!

  23. After last comment i have nothing to say really, i dont if i should cry or laugh, well i’ll do both, hahahahahahahahahahah!!!!
    anyhow, enjoy ur time doing some random stuff such as, SC, chopper(hahaahhaah), pit crew mode(rofl), and everything else.
    The mod is probably utter **** so you have to do some random addons, for all the arcade racers here….I’ll go and enjoy my time with th best mod so far, GP2 2006

  24. It would be good if you could make it so a certain IP couldn’t download CTDP 2006 – on any website. It would be funny to see how many times CTDP Fan tries to download it at different websites, starts shouting at his computer and then begging the CTDP community to let him download it.

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