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  1. y are you all so fucking with the ctdp developers, ok he’s doing a great job, but he did largely enough and he has all ready did better than the ctdp 2005, it look very good so dont loose time man and released so we can enjoy it during de summer .

  2. hahahah you really are funny i have 3 computer all better than the other , so fuck it, hahahhaa

  3. Im just being immature because of the frustration, im not like that in real life 🙂
    2 years to make a mod, thats little too much for my nerves and when someone said 7 more weeks, i freaked out in disbelief, anyhow, good luck with ur game and congratulations with 2005 season but im not gonna wait, oohh, almost forgot, good luck with ur helicopter, rofl…

  4. I agree with ctdp fan, sorry but it’s really to much, release it before you loose a lot more of fan, they are not gonna wait 2 more month, and they shurely are gonna go play in a league like i have one good if you want with fs one 2007 or f1rft 2008 league for free and their is place,

    so released for YOUR intérét , ctdp 2006 is really good dont wast time for thing’s like medical stof or mor test with car’s, we dont care, 🙂

  5. Guys can be so stupid. Man this gonna kick your asses and every other mod. Look at MMG around 1 year shorter (when is MMG 2007 gonna finaly released???) But the quality is not the same and llok at FSONE 2007 a bit more then 1 year shorter but the quality is far behind MMG and CTDP. If you dont want to wait go and play theese mods. Im a quality lover and thats CTDP and not MMG or FSONE at the moment and FSONE is farfar away from this point.
    So guys shut up and do it better in shorter time yourself.

  6. man, shut up please, every body want it know because every body know that it’s all ready way better than Fs one or mmg or ctdp 2005, the 2006 is all ready perfect that’s y i say ” dont test anymore and dont waist time with this medical stuff and RELEASED once and for all 🙂

  7. Shut up you stupid they are doing jokes and they are testing the physics cause they arent ready now and thats because the quality is a hundred times better then FSONE and F1RFT and better then MMG they do physics that feel real and individual for each track and the most important thing for each update. Thats why it takes so long and why they have the time to build a SC and make it drivable. So shut your stupid mouth and start thinking or go and play FSONE.

  8. or juste release one or two car for know like ferrari or renault so we can drive a little bit and after take your ******* time to complete the ctdp 2006 mod but just release some stuff so we can WAIT release juste 2 car individually PLEASSEEEEEE

  9. Sick to death of flamers, people have a right to be sick of waiting just like the flamers have a right to moan about people who moan about how long the mod is taking.

    Due to the amount of time this mod is taking, I don’t blame people for becoming sick of waiting.

  10. Lately coming here I notice some impatient guys…Whats wrong with you? Shouting wont make release faster, better go away, go to a vacation, go to beach or lake,do whatever you want, but dotn come here just to post some comments. Also, I cant get the point of being so impatient. Its just a mod for a game. Playign games is not even close to my priority list, especially now when I have some important jobs to do…So chill out…

    @CTDP. You guys are doing great job, and take your time. There are no doubts this is going to be the best mod!

    Waiting is difficult, but only if you havent got any other things to do in your life…


  12. I allready said that there was very big chance that they found some bugs and it will take some time to fix and then test , and again found something …
    good luck.

  13. yes you are right i dont give shit know you have taken to much time for this mod, so bye, you could of release at least 1 or 2 car so we can wait like
    Released_please said but you dont want, so ok you lost me to BYE

  14. He meant go and watch some cartoons;) No offence, but you dont sound like a CTDP fan. If you would, you would be happy that they are putting so much effort in every detail. I have done some game modding a bit too, and I know how much time it takes, and it really pisses you off when a bunch of guys start posting dumb comments.

    @CTDP. I hope you fix all the bugs, and I expect that there wont be needed 10 or 11 more re-releases or fixes here…
    Good luck;)

  15. I think there wont be so many releases not as FSONE 😀 and yes sou are right i meant a cartoon.

    So go on guys continue your great work and finish it in the time you need and this hopefully very soon 😀

  16. Some people are soo sad, and just don’t understand what it takes to get a mod completed.

    It is not easy. I spent the better last 6 months fixing up a lot of MMG model errors from 07. Still our PE release isn’t going to be perfect. Might never be. I understnad where CTDP is and things do take time.

    Hard work in the end will have paid off for those who worked hard over the years. I believe in time, things will show.

  17. The inside of the safety car looks decent, but doesn’t make me say “WOW!!! This rocks!”. Anyway I’ll probably only drive the F1 cars. If I want closed cockpit cars I’ll drive WTCC or DTM mods. Only good thing about it would be if an admin could driver the safety care during race, when would be needed. Bunt don’t think that’s possible.
    About what Phil was saying I don’t think ppl want more arcade mods, they just like to drive a close to reality as possible F1 2007 season. The MMG 2007 in my opinion was very bad from a simulator or arcade mod and FSone 2007 its our only way to have fun with a 2007 season. Anyway all mods that are made are in a way more or less close to real thing, and for many ppl the most important thing is to have fun with. If the mods are very realistic thats a plus.

  18. I tell u that u could not drive a real F1 car Metalllord and a F1 car doesn’t handles like any of the simulated cars in this mods. All of u who think that playing a F1 game simulator like a “god” make u a real F1 driver are very very wrong. It’s like If u are a godlike player in CS and u think u could join the SWAT team. F1 simulators are GAMES and yeah could be a little harder to PLAY then an arcade game but anyone can learn how to play it.This type a games shows you about 0.1% of what been a F1 driver feels like. If a mod here is more simulator or arcade doesn’t make it less fun or less F1 to drive. When a F1 game is called simulators means it simulates as close as they think their cars are from a F1 car, so actually all Fsone, MMG, CTDP are simulators, more or less hard to play. I enjoy both type of games and I split mods in more or less fun to play, not in more or less simulator. Don’t like to talk about a mod that is more a simulator then other mod. And btw when u play a F1 mod u play to have fun or just to brag that you can drive a F1 car?

  19. And BTW not to think I am a Fsone fan, I actually did not played Fsone 2006 because I didn’t liked it, but I think Fsone 2007 is fun and is a good mod. In my opinion CTDP mods are best F1 simulators and CTDP team togheter with IDT team do the best rFactor mods by far, that why so may ppl are still interested to wait for 2006 mod even for 2-3 years. What makes them best to get is that they try to make every thing perfect and they get very close to that.

  20. @1

    that’s true what you say about the safety car. I even don’t care about what it looks like from the outside, so why should it be interesting to anyone what it looks like from the inside… makes me wonder.

    It’s nice to see, ctdp, that you’re working on every “single” detail to this game. But sometimes I get this feeling, that you lost sight of the main goal.

    Take your time, all of us appriciate your detailed work, but please don’t spent time with such needless things.

    Best regards

  21. i do not think that the safetycar cockpit is a “needless thing”. they’re many leagues with a human safetycar driver, and i’m very happy that ctdp works so hard at the safetycar.

    great work guys, take the time you need 😉

  22. You guys still don’t get it. Its not delaying the mod anylonger than it’ll take. The physics are what are holding up the mod along with a few other things. People have asked for it, and while they are free they complete it they have done so.

  23. Me and couple of my friends started a new mod for 2008, so if you hear about “EOR” that will be me,
    we make everything from scratch, we even asked ISI how to make 3 part qualy xD
    We plan to realease couple of cars in 3 months, we are trying to do pit mechanics as well but we need to be careful with fps xD
    No trackpack will be released 🙁

  24. Man… All these posts…

    This dev-blog sure is popular and seems CTDP 06 to be as well.

    No wonder! Congratulations CTDP, you should be pro’s cause you’re working as pro’s. I’ll donate the day this mod is out.

  25. will you be able to turn lights on/off with the safety car mod???

    and were abouts can i find a half decent safety car mod at the moment??

    thanks guys cant wait foe this one!!!

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