Safety Car Cockpit

We decided to make the Safety Car drivable, so it will get own physics and own tyres and for driving a Safety car you’ll need a cockpit,too. Here’s a small preview of the cockpit so far.


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  1. and the steering wheel is coming too. may be I’ll do a screenshot for it tomorrow πŸ™‚

  2. You should realise you mod asap to the community and maybe you can take your time after in make some improvements like this drivable safety car.

    I don’t understand how you waste time making this safety car and you’ll realise your mod with same sounds that for ISI BMW Sauber mod. You should ask to the community to find good sounds, it can be very interesting have real sounds and differents for each car.

    Please, don’t delay more this mod, people are tired to wait for it

  3. I think CTDP are even more tired to reply why they are using those sounds.
    If the biggest part of the work is done, but not ready to be released (alias more testing is needed), why not using this time to work on something that can make this mod even better (aka drivable safety car)?

  4. lillypop – there are reasons why things like sounds cannot be sorted. To date there is no sounds better than the ISI ones, so why should they waste time on stuff that won’t match the quality of the rest of the mod when they can do complete another request that some people have asked for of which can match the quality of the rest of the mod.

    There is only two people who I know that could do quality sounds to match this mod and the main one has said that he could do it but it wouldn’t be “fantastic” because off the poor sound quality on the F1 OB’s and the lack of single car running on a single trackside camera to get good samples from. Maybe when the onboard channel goes to HD with a proper HD channel that good samples can be done for the onboards. And you never know we may soon have something that will be done half decently πŸ™‚

  5. The drivable Safetycar is a nice feature imho.
    If i would have to place a bet IΒ΄d say CTDP06 will come withing the next 6 weeks, jsut my guess.

    I just hope I can disable the driving aids properly then, because in 05 I really have to struggle to lose control over the cars (e. g. when I start accelerating too early when cornering), and thatΒ΄s spoiling some of the otherwise nice experience.

  6. and without a steerign wheel this thing could be quite tricky to drive, so decided to add one πŸ™‚ added a screen showing a WIP of it.

  7. I thought SC uses the normal Mercedes-Benz steering wheel (dunno).

    Anyway, that steering wheel looks pretty good.

  8. i agree with lillypop…we want f1 mod not safety car mod…cummin’ on safety wheel is silly…i promised my self i will not play this mod and give it the lowest rate in rfc because of these guys laughing at us every single day…mmg rule as they are loyal to the community.

  9. Yeah I thought the SC uses a standard road car steering wheel (albeit tweaked a bit to FIA standards!) rather than a Momo.

    Looking good though for sure πŸ˜€

  10. guys like lillypoper are the guys who destroy modding teams. CTDP is doing best quality and even MMG cant get this level of quality. And MMG leaves us alone where is v2 where is the public version where are all the features they told us???? They are laughing on us and not CTDP. Take Seko this strange and stupid guy he his a liar he told us about animations and where are they??????

    CTDP You are only the best and take your time you need to make the best mod ever and ignore guys like him.

  11. Thanks for the link Ron1. We’ll create a mixture of the DTM Roadcar Cockpit, the blackseries cockpit and some fantasy elements for better use like the rear mirror on the Navi display etc.

  12. Very good link Ron1. I think best pics for the interior of the SC are the last ones, although CLK is good too.

    And despite all that have been said, I think that a F1 mod DO need a SC.

    Good job CTDP.

  13. Yes, every mod need a SC, but a drivable SC shouldn’t delay a mod. I like to hear from CTDP if they are testing the mod and if they are using their time to finish the real mod and not wasting time in silly things.

    Anyway, be sure that CTDP will release a new version 1.1 or 2.0 of his mod because always there are things to fix, so now it’s time to finish this eternal mod, because what’s the following nonsense thing? Maybe do differents pitcrews for each car.

  14. We don’t waste time. A few leagues asked us if we can do this SC feature and we’re willing to do. This thing doesn’t delay the mod, there are other things that must be done and can’t be done by me, shaun and alex so why not use the time to add that feature?!

  15. Lollypop what about you talking.

    If example model and texture work it’s done, then modeler can do anything. Don’t require from modeler to testing physics.

    You don’t undrestand ????

  16. Modelling a SC is not a “silly thing” as you say, because there are several leagues (mine one for example) which have requested driveable SC.

    So… speak with propiety, or at least get some information before writing.

  17. @ lollypop
    “Anyway, be sure that CTDP will release a new version 1.1 or 2.0 of his mod because always there are things to fix”

    We don’t want to have to release any patches, are plan is for everything to be as good as it can be straight away.

    The way PC games and mods (even console games now) are released full of bugs is IMO disgusting, sending out a product which the developers know has problems, we want to break the trend and be the best we can be, please don’t accuse us of wasting time delaying the release as the physics still need work and the graphical work is all complete, if we release now the mod will already IMO surpass anything rFactor has to offer so we will keep adding features and refining things untill we are happy with the product and release it, don’t expect us to release a mod full of bugs and just fix them with patches.

    Sorry if I kept repeating myself i’m trying to put a point over πŸ™‚

    Thanks, Shaun

  18. Of course, that’s I hope from CTDP, since 2 years working in a mod, it shouldn’t there are bugs, but you know always there are minor things, or even you would like improve your work because community is a feedback more important than your 10 or 20 betatesters.

    OK, if you are adding features while another people are working in physics, you can do driveable SC or something you want, but I don’t understand how after almost 2 years, physics are incomplete! because you don’t need all graphics to do it.

    BTW thanks for your incredible mods.

  19. The physics are incomplete because they haven’t been worked on fully until after most of the graphical stuff has been completed as how can you test physics without a model to do so and we also have lives to live and creating good accurate physics can and has taken longer than the graphical elements of the mod. We also have 18 different sets of physics for each individual season upgrade and round of the 2006 championship (for each car!), its not just a case creating 1(or 11) set(s) of physics and putting them in the mod.

    We will take our time to finish the mod and seek out all bugs and release when WE are ready and no amount of complaining or asking will make it come out any quicker on the contrary the less moaning and complaining we have the quicker the mod will come out as we don’t have to keep constantly explaining ourselves πŸ˜‰

    Thanks, Shaun

  20. The intelligent option is release server edition before, as MMG did for his mod 2007. You have only 1 physics for one car (or 18 for each season upgrade), rFactor community is very happy to have your excellent mod and you can have a complete feedback. This is my oppinion.

    The work to make 18×12 sets of very accurate physics is huge, maybe you need months to make it. I think your planning for this project was wrong. I only would like to tell you my oppinion, because maybe is useful for the future, or maybe I am fully mistaken

  21. I did some more research on the safety car, and my sources tell me that the steerign wheel can be customised to driver choice, although admittedly unlikely they use that exact one I modelled, although the outside shape is more or less the same i.e the handles, the inner part with the mercedes logo is different so I will amend it, not a big job πŸ˜‰ thanks for that reminder, because I was given the picturs some time ago now, and must have had a bit of brain fade assuming that was the right one.

    As for the workload in the grpahical parts left to do, there is one more item left to do from me, which is already partly done anyway, that is the revised driver model. The will be made with animations in mind for the future. As already said, I can afford to that becuase there are other things going on, so we might as well do it, because it will save us time in future mods. Not unlike some may think, to stretch out the mod release time for the sake of it πŸ˜‰

    Unlike politicians, we don’t like short term solutions to a long term problem, it will come back to bite you later πŸ˜‰ My personal feeling anyway, if we don’t do these things now they’ll probably never be done. Once a mod is released, IMO the insentive and enthusiasm to update it reduces etc. so we try to get it as right and feature complete with the first release πŸ™‚

  22. This mod has grown massively from the original intention, we were going to do a general mod like CTDP 05 but we then decided to do each upgrade through out year. I’ve been in the team a little over a year now and I’ve never worked with such a talented group of guys before but we all have lives and other things to do so we can’t commit 100% of our free time to the creation of this project.

    We won’t just release a server edition like MMG have as it causes more problems than it solves, (have you seen the amount of problems with AI car’s offline with the MMG server edition??), we want to create the most complete and best mod we can if it takes a long time so be it.

    Also I would assume you haven’t been in any mod groups as then you would understand how difficult it is to get everyone Online at the same time for a meeting on the progress of the project. We are working in the best way we can if we wanted to create a mod at the level of CTDP 2005 the mod would have been out over a year ago but we are doing 18 times the work for 18 times the quality.

  23. And MMG shows what happens when d,fast releasing something cause there are many guys asking questions about things to fix and on and on they are doing a trackpack also releasing something before its ready or even tested. Yes its sad we have to wait so long but we get best quality in every part of the mod.

  24. Hi!
    You are doing great job, no matter how long it will take to release it. There is no poitn to hurry and release something fast, better to wait longer and see great result. I hope your mod will have realistic qualifying results. I dont know if its that I am dumb or what but MMG07 mod had unrealistic qualifying results, which forced me to dump rF and keep playing f1c…
    Good luck, you are doing great job!

  25. I dont like to defend MMG but in this point i got to say its just for online play and not offline. So AI doesnt work.

  26. Ok, MMG had a lot of bugs, but they wanted to release mod before real F1 season starts, this wasn’t a good decission.

    But sure, it’s a good decission release first the Server Edition. For me is an excellent planning, of course, if you release this edition when the mod is really finished and you are sure quality is acceptable, which it was the only one mistake of MMG guys.

  27. And if you have some bug or mistake in server edition, people will advice you and you won’t have to modify 18×11 physics.

  28. Im sure they wont have to change the physics cause they gonna be as good as the models. So be sure CTDP is and will be ver the best. And MMG SE was not only released too early they dont concentrate on making a good mod they concentrate on everything else except the mod. And CTDP concentrates on the mod itself.

  29. Rivers – what do you mean unrealistic qualifyin results? results are extremely realistic…are you going to fast? or to slow?

  30. I mean driver performances…SOme arent as good as they could be…Thats the place where a fix should be made,because I can see a lot surprises during race or quali with some midfielders in frotn of ALonso…

  31. Ok just a few words. There won’t be a server edition for public because when we released the 2005 mod, the server edition ruined our mod because all public servers used the Server Edition. When i created the server edition I thought it will be only used by leagues while on public servers the default version will be used. In the end nobody could play the default mod online because of the server edition. So for 2006 we decided to add a kind of tutorial or “how to” for creating equal physics for league usage only.

  32. I think its normal to use a server edition online cause if you dont nearly everybody takes the same car so 10 people driving mclaren and 10 driving ferrari. in Server edition you dont have it like this.

  33. Rivers, like lillypoper or Metalllord said you, MMG 2007 is a Server Edition version, then AI shouldn’t work fine, it’s a version for multiplayer races, not for offline.

    I don’t understand your words Neidryder, because it’s logical people play with server editions online. Nobody likes drive cars in races where other cars are faster, then finally you’ll find Server Edition in public servers with you mod CTDP 2006. I think you cannot avoid this question.

    Althought you don’t see your Public Edition in the matchmaker list, you can be sure that a lot of people are enjoying your job offline.

    Anyway, all people are looking forward your release, and we can wait more time.

  34. Not everyone chooses the faster cars when they have a choice. I remember when CTDP05 was launched after unlocking the cars I mostly took the Jordan out as it was more fun to drive.
    And whilst doing some tests now for Neidryder with the 06mod I am taking the RBR more than the other cars as they are much more fun to drive on the limit.
    The people, in my view, who take the faster cars in online public races by choice are the ones that cannot drive that well in the others due to lack off skill. Thats not a digg at anyone, and when someone isn’t as fast as someone else and they take the faster car it makes for a closer public race.

    Anyway rant over and so is my dinner hour πŸ™‚

  35. If CTDP allows you Ryan, could you share your feelings about driving some of the other cars you are testing. You said the RBR is more fun on the limit, what makes it fun?

    How do class leaders like the Ferrari feel in comparison to say Super Aguri. How closely do these digital creations replicate the characteristics of their real-life counterparts? For example, does the TF106 have chronic traction problems, is the 248F1 excellent under breaking, does the rearward weight bias in the R26 affect the handling in slow/medium corners.

    Just how compliant is rFactor as a physics tool when it comes to the finer details?

  36. Hi, CTDP-team!

    I wonder what’s the status on physics? If you’re doing 18×12 different physics(as mentioned above), one for each upgrade… well how many of these are done?:)

    Just a very curios CTDP-fan;)

    Continue the great work, guys / Andry

  37. hi ctdp team…Im trying to use the CTDP’s ChampionShipManager NX but i have my doubts…Im trying to create a GP2 2006 season but my problems are these:
    1. when i choose the point system with 1 point for fastest lap and 2 points for the pole position but after the race it dont happen;
    2. when i choose the tracks for the championship in chronological order then in game the order is different;
    3. In gp2 championship like in formula 3 there are 2 races for each track but the program don’t allow me to select the same track for 2 times.

    im wrong in something during the creation of it?

    thanks in advanced

  38. @roger82

    Please use our contact-formular, our forum or eMail for bug reports. Posting a comment to the csm nx in a unrelated topic is not the best way to get into contact πŸ˜‰

    Problem 1: Have to check if rF supports that, I saw it while coding in some rfm’s and used it. Obviously no tester tested it…

    Problem 2: you can’t select the trackorder in that version, that’s planned for 2.1. It doesn’t matter in which order you click the checkbox.

    Problem 3: another point for version 2.1.


  39. sorry CoDan…next time ill send the email to the right forum/email; anyway thanks so much for reply me so fast, really kind from CTDP team.


  40. Sly – the best you can do it is making a new rFm when the mod is launched or change the settings in your plr so that:

    Practice 1 = FP1
    Practise 2 = FP3
    Practise 3 = Qualifying 1
    Practise 4 = Qualifying 2
    Qualifying = Qualifying 3

    The only problem is offline your not going to be able to stop the AI coming out of the pits in Q1 and Q2. You can do it online if you have a verbal agreement with everyone to abide by the rules. You probably could also create a batch file to disqualify people at the begining of the session so that they are locked ou in Q2 and Q3 although of the top of my head, I can’t remember if there is an option for the dedicated server to DQ people.

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