It’s wrong, who cares?

At is a german preview about the new Codemaster’s F1-Game. The text as usual is from however the editors felt, the illustrations where to weak and they decided to tune it up a little. So they added an image of our F1-2006 mod (including copyright notice) and put it right next to the article. The caption didn’t match but whatever … they tought. We contacted them and they explained, that since there are no pictures of the new Codemaster’s game they used “screenshots of the new F1-2006 modification by team CDTP” followed by an apology for insecuring “us” as in the reader about the source of the screenshots. They obviously have no idea who it was asking, nor do they see how much care they are showing off. This is low-level journalism, but at least it’s entertaining seeing companies and magazins, who should know there stuff doing bullshit.

I remember back in 2001, Giga had a GrandPrix4-preview, which they illustrated with a screenshot of my RaceCar-fantasy-car from GrandPrix3.

Personally I only laugh at such incompetence, but if I wouldn’t laugh, I could easily get insulted and angry at such blatent ignorance.
Point with your finger and laugh at them. 🙂

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9 thoughts on “It’s wrong, who cares?”

  1. Bah, Codemasters games are arcade racers for kiddies, and there is no chance that their F1 game will be any different. Lots of bling, but no actual F1 simulation and driving experience.

    rFactor and CTDP mods is where its at!

  2. HAH! For me GRID sucks even as an arcade racer. The cars have very weird handling, there is waaaay too much tyre grip. The low speed cornering speeds on the sports and muscle cars are like that of real-life F1 cars. I consider buying and installing the game a total waste.

    I am going to donate money to CTDP once the 2006 mod comes out, now there’s a work worthy of applause and monetary retribution.

  3. I should set up a list of people who promised donations in the public, but where never heard from again.

    Not trying to insult or attack you Uzair, just I think donation is something kept private. 🙂

  4. Haha, ok Dahie. I was just trying to make the point that CTDP’s work is more worthy of paying for than any silly arcade racer. I haven’t made a promise, but its been my intention to donate once I graduate from a student to a job holder. That day is near, so I suppose its a question of when CTDP 06 is released 🙂

  5. Like Uzair said, Codemasters sucks at racing games. FIA made a mistake giving then a chance to create a “superb” F1 game. 😀 They can’t create anything right: cars, tracks and other stuff doesn’t look like it should. They are far from reality.

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