20 thoughts on “Yet another teaser”

  1. don’t be afraid dahie, good things need time! see half-life2 oder gta iv… ctdp06 will even be better 🙂

  2. Great video !
    Just one question : Are u going to include addons together with the mod setup ?
    Like hdr plugin or custom ctdp tv style etc.?

  3. lol, the end got me.
    I kinda expected ‘soon’:P

    But great job on the vid! IMO CTDP F1 2005 is still the best F1 mod and this can only be better 😀

  4. And by the way… “How it should have ended!?!”

    Yes it should have ended like that…

    Schumacher über alles! 😉

  5. @ Tappi

    Sure thing 😉 Der Kerbner is the man which makes me extremely eager for this mod. Of Course the CTDP quality is the real reason why I’ve been waiting for this mod since the begining but Schumacher’s last season is prima aswell.

    I’ve played CTDP-style since 1995 to F12002 and CTDP2003 from F1 Challenge. Always chosen CTDP mods from RH.., sorry Ralph 🙂

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