Safety Car Part……..Lost Count

Hey guys, Andy’s been wokring his ass off recently to get the safety car finished and in game and he’s done a fantastic job as usual to get it fully done in about 2 weeks and in game working.Β I was given the wireframes last friday and we been wokring to fix any mapping bugs quickly, i have some prelimiary screenshots of the car on the spinner in game for everyone to see.




The textures are by no means final i still have several things to do to them also some shader settings need changing, the lightbar i think is just awaiting mapping.

Comments and Constructive Criticism Welcome.

39 thoughts on “Safety Car Part……..Lost Count”

  1. model looks pretty good cant wait for the final version. Its said to see that there is so much left but good to know you do the best job of all mod teams. Continue your great work.

  2. remember shaun – keep nagging Andy to do the insides for me πŸ˜€

    Either way seen as its taken 2weeks to get from remodelling to in-game, great work πŸ™‚

  3. Guys, I think if you model (and paint, lol) the SC and make it able to drive, lots of leagues will use a SC driver (mine one, for example).

    It’s a good idea, although it would be more time to wait (anyway, i don’t mind wait now, hehe).

    Cheers, and great SC!

  4. how should that be possible? i don’t think that rfactor in this version would make something like this possible^^ but the idea is great narain

  5. The safety car already driveable but has no interior. Only problem is right now i handles like a skip with wheels.

  6. i know that it’s possible to include a safety car.. but i think it’s driven by the ai, isn’t it?
    narain was thinking about the idea that someone of us is driving the safety car, and i think that is impossible.. correct me if i’m wrong

  7. It is not impossible Karl.

    I have modified a bit the files of the MMG safety car and i can drive it.

    The pitty are physics (really bad at all) and it hasno interior.

    Anyway, it is funny drive in front of 22 F1 with a tourism, lol.

  8. how does this work? can you simply leave the pits during a race and then the f1 cars follow you slowly??

  9. All this does is make the safety car like any other car in the mod, it will make it driveable by the user, this will mainly be for league use.

    To use it as a safety car it cannot be done for “real” the rules will not apply.

    On the other hand you can still use the game’s automatic safety car feature if needed.

  10. when does the safety car leave the pits? i mean, what is necessary that it comes out? a very big crash? a car, standing on the course? because i never saw that it came out when i played, i only saw it on screenshots

  11. Okay It could be intersting to drive the SC but in Simulations like car-racing on PC’s I dont see a point to use this in F1 Racings. All crashed cars give you a yellow flag so you are warned. SC isn’t realy necessary because we dont have to wait that parts or cars haave to be removed from track or bumbers have to be restoled.

  12. But in a league where the starts of the race are caothic, several cars are always involved in accidents, and they spin and so. This case would be good for a SC, because those spun cars will be able to catch the race head quickly, and don’t have to throw the towel just in the begining.

  13. one again:

    “when does the safety car leave the pits? i mean, what is necessary that it comes out? a very big crash? a car, standing on the course? because i never saw that it came out when i played, i only saw it on screenshots”

  14. This is mainly for league use as i have stated. many leagues i know use or want to use a human safety car.

  15. The only one we know for sure that we want to release is V2 Bahrain, other than that no.

  16. There are nearly all tracks available, so I don’t see the problem. Building one track from scratch like Bahrain needs a lot of resources (time and manpower). Doing all of 2006 from scratch is impossible for us as long as we keep modding “just” as a hobby. Second point is that for most tracks are conversions available so it does not make much sense to build the same track twice (or even more). This only causes missmatches when someone has the wrong version of track XY.

  17. im addicted to the formula 1.
    i need a good game soon or im going to be mad.
    when do u release the mod? 8 weeks ago u said that it would be released in 6-8 weeks. fsone said that they will release their mod last week but they didnt πŸ™

  18. Yes but then mod will not have all liveryes throughout season.
    Ferrari will be tobbaco at Bahrain but it will be at France too.

  19. Even if we did release a trackpack it would be like that anyway, rFactor doesen’t work like that. But the model upgrades will be correct, and you can edit the trackconfig.ini to include the tracks you run.

  20. That’s why we asked for tracks the community drives the most a while ago ;-). Most of the current tracks will be working with CTDP06 (means most of the versions of tracks that were driven 2006 (+- 2 years maybe, we were tolerant πŸ˜€ )).

  21. no-one knows yet if it will be modable so when it comes out then they can give you information on it. You can’t really mod Grid or Dirt apart from the .xml’s so at the moment their doesn’t seem to be that their would be modability in the engine of which they’ll base the first game on.

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